The WRT Case Executive Summary

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The WRT Engineered Products (EP) Division is faced with the challenge on how to generate more commercial sales without jeopardizing its business with the military. Bruce Jacobs did a good job in identifying potential commercial customers and fostering internal market sense; however, focused marketing efforts need to be taken to ensure long-term success.

EP has excellent engineers, high-level battery technology, good production facilities, competent product assurance, and impressive military orders. However, it has some problems like heavy loan burden due to over expansion, over reliance on military orders, and engineering-driven philosophy. Bruce is faced with the challenge of not only how to market to the nongovernmental sector but how to foster market-driven philosophy within EP. He made some success but caused some trouble. I recommend Bruce focus on only technologies with high potential success and less competition. There are five promising areas: appliances and tools, buoys/beacons, calculator batteries, hearing aids, and weather warning alarms.

B2B marketing usually requires long-term and complex negotiations to build close buyer/seller relationship. As a new recruit, it is not possible for Bruce to have wide support in a short run from this engineering-oriented firm and his supervisors. He needs some success to build his credentials and gradually change the situation. Focusing on items with high potential is the best strategy. EP might lose some market opportunities, but this is the best way to avoid distracting from its military orders and the risk of rocking the boat.

"The life of a marketer in an engineering firm is pitiful," right marketing strategy should be adapted to fit the firm's environment and philosophy accordingly.