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World War II: The essence of Fear

1. Memphis, Tennessee and age 9. West Hills California.

2. I made earrings and sold them in a store, but It was not related to the war.

3. My dad was particular about the food, even though we could have had everything because he owned a grocery store. Yet he still was tough about rationing the food to his own family. Also that I had a fear of being bombed was my biggest concern, and afraid that I would lose friends and family in the war.

4. Many women who hadn't worked started to work in the defense industry, because so many men were drafted.

5. Yes there were blackouts but they were very rare, and the whole country had to be prepared, the block captain was supposed to see that everybody conformed to the rules to have the lights low or off, and make sure that no loud noises were made.

Also made the all clear signal when there really was an attack. Many people had bomb shelters.

6. It was a very positive aspect of the war because if we did not have patriotism we would not have won the war most likely.

7... It was a big thing everybody was united in their desire for our country to be safe and to have the soldiers to be brought back safely. The servicemen were treated with a lot of respect and so were their families. Also churches had an entry board in the churches had the list of all of the men who were serving the country.

8...I knew the propaganda was there because the enemies were getting on the airwaves and saying that we couldn't win. We had POW camps and they wanted to stay here after the war.