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Vince McMahon, the greatest sports entertainer in the world. Sports entertainment is all about power. Vince McMahon a billionaire, has probably the most successful business in the world. Vince turned around an all dominant male sport, into a pop culture. Now more than ever Vince's WWF is selling out area's left and right. He turned one sport into a billion dollar business. It's not just about male wrestlers these days it's about what the culture wants. Yes wrestling is about violence, but what doesn't have violence today? Vince once stood trial for making his employees take steroids for their performance in the ring. Now more than ever anybody can make it in sports entertainment. Everyone remembers the Hulkumania era? Now it's the Stone Cold Steve Austin, Or Chyna (a woman) era. Chyna came into the WWF and dominated men just like Hulk Hogan did in the mid 8o's.

Now the WWF has the most Women in one sports entertainment business than ever before. Not only do men like the sport but more women watch or get involved in the sport than men do. Vince has simply played the role of a unique government himself. Sports entertainment is at it's highest point than ever before. With catch phrase's like "If you smell what The Rock is cookin'." To "What" to Chyna the ninth wonder of the world.

Vince and the WWF relate to chapters 10 and 11 in many aspects of life as we know it today. He has brought the WWF and TNN (the Nashville Network) to one of the most watched cable channels on Monday night if not the most watched, all by power, culture, set aside the gender, and by violence. Vince dominated the sports entertainment business in the late 80's early 90's with Hulkamania, only to crumble to the hands of his number one rival WCW. Vince fought and clawed his way back into the spotlight by simply defeating his opposition at their own game. WCW (World Championship Wrestling) dominated the wars between the two organizations by money, power, and stars. Vince McMahon let two of his most prize possessions The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin go on their own. Although Stone Cold got the majority of attention during this period of time Vince was behind every scene. Stone Cold turned the chapter in the wars race with his no take anybody's crap attitude, which transformed into the new WWF era. Vince not only behind the scenes but sometimes was in the mix of the most anticipated matches of the year. St. Valentines Day Massacre, pitted Stone Cold Steve Austin against the boss of the company, Vince McMahon. During the match Stone Cold proceeded to throw Vince off the top of a steel cage onto the Spanish announce table, creating it to plummet to the ground. This was the first time in WWF history that the owner ever showed his face and declared who he was. That match brought on a variety of matches between the owner and his most prized possession, The Texas Rattle Snake Stone Cold Steve Austin. As for The Rock Vince took The Rock under his wing saying quote " I'm the boss, And don't ever cross the boss" and made The Rock one of the most electrifying men ever to grace the sport of professional wrestling. The Rock co star of The Mummy Returns, star of The Scorpion King (which is due out any time soon). Twenty seven years old, a former member of the Miami Hurricanes football team, and count it 6 time WWF champion. Hulk Hogan only had the title 5 occasions, which makes The Rock probably one of ,if not the greatest heavyweight champion of all-time. The Rock is with out a shadow of a doubt the most successful man ever to be in the WWF and it's all because Vince McMahon allowed it. By the end of the wrestling wars Vince McMahon was having the last laugh not only did have the ratings he wanted he was putting his opposition out of business. Which finally culminated in gold for Vince McMahon to buy WCW. Vince purchased WCW from billionaire Ted Turner and brought the most prestigious names from WCW to the WWF, Including Booker T, Lance Storm, Hurricane Helms, and turning them into top WWF superstars. Not only did Vince buy WCW he also bought out and took sole control of the third major wrestling organization in the USA, when he purchased ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling). Bringing such stars as Rob Van Dam, Ryhno, and little Spike Dudley(a 150 pound wrestler) to WWF stardom. Vince McMahon has the power to do what ever he wants now when it comes to professional wrestling.

Vince McMahon not only became his own government in the sports entertainment business, but created a pulp culture followed by many fans today. He set the single record for attendance at the Pontiac Silver dome at Wrestlemania 3 with over 94,000 people in attendance. This past Wrestlemania was no disappointment when 76,000 plus jam packed the Houston Astrodome. You may not like pro. Wrestling but how many cultures are the same? Not only does the WWF perform across the USA but they perform in countries, and continents around the world. Many fans would be lost without the World Wrestling Federation that Vince McMahon created