Year Round Schooling

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Having year round school had been a hot topic discussed over the years. Seven out of ten surveyed adults believe that year round school should not be enforced. Some feel students will benefit from going to school all year, but year round school is a horrible idea. One should not be required to attend year round school because it is difficult for one to retain material throughout breaks, teachers would be reteaching materials, and most everyone enjoys the three months out at summer.

If one is required to attend year round school with many breaks during the year, he tends to forget what he learned prior to the break. Realizing this, teachers find themselves reteaching the lost information. Coach Shane Rewis of Brentwood School in Sandersville, Georgia believes that year round school is not a good idea because of the previously stated facts of reteaching and relearning. Also, many students as well as teachers enjoy the three months allowed for summer break.

Melanie Youngblood a Glascock County schoolteacher has stated that she loves her summers too much to give them up. Many others feel the exact same way. Summer is a time for long vacations, family, and relaxation; giving up summer would be like giving up these things. One deserves a long break to free his mind from the entanglement of schoolwork.

Youngblood 3 Summertime is a period to which many students look forward. It is a time for playing and even work, which is fun to some. Overwhelmingly the members of Antioch Christian Church in Oconee, Georgia agree that three-month summers should be kept as is.

Year round school should not take place in Georgia. No studies have proven that students who attend year round school have higher grades and SAT scores; therefore, it is logically ineffective dealing...