You Cannot Have A Party Without Bacardi

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John Doe English 101 Dr. Smith October 29, 2001 You Cannot Have a Party Without Bacardi Bacardi rum is notorious for making alcohol look like a necessity. A number of the company's advertisements feature an upper class group of men and women drinking at a party. Bacardi advertisements often seem to be giving off the message "We're rich, so lets get drunk." The ad also gives viewers the feeling that they cannot really compare to the group that the ad portrays unless they drink Bacardi. The main groups that Bacardi is trying to appeal to is middle-aged, upper class men and women. In most Bacardi ads, people are wearing black formal attire, which signifies elegance and prosperity. Bacardi ads give the impression that Bacardi is what makes the party enjoyable. The Bacardi company uses the slogan: "Rocks. Tonic. Juice. Magic." This is basically reiterating that unless you have Bacardi, you will not have the magic.

The Bacardi company advertises its product in a way that makes you think that you will not be having a good time unless you are drinking it.

One recent Bacardi ad depicts a "ritzy" group drinking and socializing at a party. No one appears to be under the age of twenty-one. Looking closely at the ad, one can tell that some of the people are married and some of the people are single. Only one African-American stands out in the group. Everybody in the ad appears to be having a good time. Bacardi never shows depressed poor people in its ads.

To illustrate its slogan "Rocks. Tonic. Juice. Magic.," Bacardi writes "Magic" in bright yellow along with Bacardi Limon. The advertisers want you to associate Bacardi with the word "magic." The magic is supposed to take effect when everyone starts having a good time...