The Young Squirrel

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It was fall and all of the squirrels were busy harvesting acorns for the winter. However, one young squirrel was not doing this. Instead of working he wanted to play and enjoy the weather of fall before the bitter winter came. An older, wiser squirrel warned him to start working because bad weather was on its way. "I can harvest all the acorns I need in just minutes because I am still young and quick," responded the squirrel. "You are older and slower so of course it will take you longer." Just as the first snow began to fall the young squirrel finally decided to look for food. As the squirrel looked and looked for nuts he noticed that the ground now had a thin layer of snow on top of it. The squirrel was cold and hungry. He was desperately in need of food to eat during the winter months.

Suddenly, the squirrel spotted the older squirrel that had scolded him before. He scurried over to him and begged for any spare nuts. Of course the older, wiser squirrel's answer was "yes". After all, he had leftover acorns because he did not wait untill the last minute before the snow came.