Youth resistance in Nazi Germany

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Year 9 Mandatory History Assessment Task 2

Youth and resistance in Nazi Germany

The Nazi methods of control on German youth were extremely successful, as there was a great use of propaganda towards them, which included the education system, Hitler Youth, and the control over Germany youth culture. Nevertheless, there were still youths who were against the Nazi party and were brave enough to make a stand, which lead to resistance groups such as the White Rose, the Swing Kids and the Edelweiss Pirates. However overall, the control that the Nazis had on German youth was still considered to be very successful.

Firstly, the education system that was used on German youth had a large influence on them, as indoctrination and propaganda was a common practice in it. The Nazi Party acknowledged that education would create loyal Nazis by the time they reached their adulthood, and therefore they started to teach Nazi ideology to children at a young age.

Jewish teachers were entirely removed-97% of the teachers belonged to the Nazi Teachers Association, and 30% were part of the Nazi party itself. According to Alfons Heck, who grew up in Nazi Germany, he stated, "never did we question what our teacher said", which showed that the teachers could pass on Nazi ideology to the youth without any trouble. In addition, text books that reinforced anti-Semitism and racial superiority were used. Subjects all concentrated on military subjects, the glorification of German leaders and the strength of a rebuilt Germany. "The construction of a lunatic asylum costs 6 million marks. How many houses at 15,000 marks each could have been built for that amount"- this is an example of a high school math question, which would help the youth to understand artillery, calculations and ballistics. This shows that the...