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This film went over the Zapatista movement in Mexico; surrounding a large group of locals taking political change into their own hands. The movie touched on the last few decades of Mexican history, the goals and perspectives of the Zapatista itself, factors that triggered their uprising, as well as government views on their efforts.

Referring to themselves as the 'army of peace', the Zapatista movement in Mexico has fought bitterly to end what they refer to as a 'seventy year old dictatorship'. Officially born in 1994, under the formal name of the 'Zapatista Army of National Liberation' (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional), these rebels have dedicated their lives to give their country and people a better future. Naming themselves after the revolutionary guerilla movement founded by Emiliano Zapata around 1910, whose Liberation Army of the South (Ejército Libertador del Sur) fought the government during the Mexican Revolution for the redistribution of agricultural land, the Zapatistas were then and still are famous for their abilitiy to garner the support of the people of Mexico.

It was mentioned by a civilian interviewed by moviemakers that the "Zapatista only function because of public support" in an area. At more than one point during the civil war, the government backed away from armed conflict with the rebels, citing overwhelming popular support for them all over the country.

Plagued by neverending land, health, and education problems, it seems that unless some form of action is taken quickly, the future of Mexico appears bleak. The Zapatistas hope to change this, however after nearly a decade of struggling, little progress has been made. They claim that they are not a militant organiation, and arm themselves for defensive purposes only. They further affirm that no member has fired a single shot in years, and that they wish to...