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The North Doesn't Need the South Why didnt the north need the south at the time of the civil war...

of land has proven to be very useful. The total value of goods manufactured here is just a bit over $1 billion. This expansion can be traced directly to the American Industrial Revolution. Our good fr ...

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Welfare reform in the USA, a Matter of Justice

, only 10 years earlier. In the same 10 years state spending on Medicaid rose over 250 percent from $16.5 Billion to $58.2 Billion. Under the current Medicaid programs, Medicaid spending will increase ...

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Bombardier Report

13 million (using 5 year sales growth rate). The estimated EPS for the year ending Jan. 31, 1997 is $1.13.Profit Variability (for consistency Value Line figures have been used)Referring to the Variabi ... he valuation ratios are as follows: P/E = 21.94P/CF = 17.63P/S = 1.078P/BV = 4.98CA/CL = 1.67RPGM = $19.31Expected Total Return = 15.9%The DDM could not be utilized because the growth rate (14.95%) is ...

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The ecomomic growth of Sugar in the United States.

ited States produces about 8 million tons (7.25 million tons) of sugar a year. "This provides $21.1 billion of the economic activity in 42 states." Florida, Hawaii, and Louisiana are major producers o ...

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Cigarettes and how bad they really are for you.

murders combined. That is ridiculous, more than 3,000 teenagers start smoking each day. More than 1 billion packs of cigarettes are consumed yearly by kids 18 and younger. People who smoke about a pac ...

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Analysis of Kodak's globalization attempts

ak cut jobs to decrease their costs. They are planning to cut 10,000 more jobs in an effort to save $1 billion in costs. In addition to the reduction in workforce, Kodak is also planning to cut its bu ... sts. In addition to the reduction in workforce, Kodak is also planning to cut its budget by $100 to $150 million.Although Kodak has done a lot to cope with their losses in response to their global com ...

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Gives various statistics and figures about the canadian tourism industry, specifically on toronto, montreal and the province of British Columbia.

from 1999. However, $37.9 billion were spent by Canadians in foreign Canadian cities; the remaining $16.2 is spent by foreigners. Various reasons account for such figurative spending on tourism. Thus ... 6 billion in gross total spending, 89,916 direct and indirect jobs, calculated in person-years, and $1.181 billion in government revenue." ( Accommod ...

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"The Demon In The Freezer by Richard Preston

ut the disease itself). He goes on to explain how Small Pox which is attributed with killing over 1 billion people in the last 100 years of it's reign, can be made even more deadly with the effective ...

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Aquaculture in the British Columbia Fishery.

y. Today, the fishing industry harvests millions of fish in a matter of weeks. It is valued at over $1 billion annually and provides employment to over 25,000 people. The industry represents B.C.'s la ... e industry could be substantially bigger. The shellfish farmers, with 258 producers, generate about $15 million worth of clams and mussels a year. It could grow to $100 million. But that pales in comp ...

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Intellectual property.

Intellectual PropertyIn 1996 worldwide illegal copying of domestic and international software cost $15.2 billion to the software industry, with a loss of $5.1 billion in the North America alone. Sour ...

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The tobacco deal.

s, the Resolution was a great example of a "win-win" deal. The taxes would cost the companies about $1 billion per year, but the government about $13 billion per year, and allow the lawyers involved t ... ulti state settlement of November 1998 is equally flawed. The fees proposed for the lawyers (around $15 billion) and the equally astonishing proposed payoff for Liggett (perhaps $400 million annually, ...

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Water managementin a LEDC.

ested loans from the World Bank to help pay for the cost of the Dam( which eventually added up to US$1 billion). The Egyptian government also nationalised the Suez canal, and there were various other ...

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Bankruptcy of Our Natural Resources.

$3.4 billion per year.-Recreation, hunting and fishing on our national forests contribute at least $111 billion to the gross domestic product and generate 2.9 million jobs each year.-National forests ... of dust and gases from the air each year.-A tree that lives 50 years will contribute services worth $196,250 within it's life span:-Humidity control: $37,500.-Air Pollution control: $62.500.-Oxygen: $ ...

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Economic Consequences of Software Crime.

tware Crime in 1996 worldwide is the illegal copying of domestic and international software costing $15.2 billion to the software industry, with a loss of $5.1 billion in the North America alone. Some ... the FBI, the result of enforcement actions resulted in recoveries from anti-piracy actions totaling $16 million since the program started in 1990.The software industry is facing the challenges of more ...

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Overpopulation & Its Affects on the Environment

ded place. The population of the world has doubled in the last 40 years; in 1999, we welcomed the 6 billionth resident of Earth. In 1960, there were only 3 billion living human beings and prior to tha ... only 3 billion living human beings and prior to that the first time the human population eclipsed 1 billion people was in 1804! Even still, the largest youth population the world has ever seen is just ...

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A Few Ins and Outs on the Religion Islam

the establishment of the religion was in A.D.622. Worldwide it is estimated that there are 800 to 1 billion believers: 58 percent live in the South and Southeast Asia; 28 percent in Africa; 9 percent ...

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Vershire Company & Aluminum Industry

ticals. The United States' aluminum industry is the world's largest, annually producing about $39.1 billion in products and exports. U.S. companies are the largest single producer of primary aluminum. ... f primary aluminum. The U.S. industry operates over 300 plants in 35 states , produces more than 23 billion pounds of metal annually and employs over 145,000. Aluminum is one of the few products and i ...

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Teen Drinking: A Disputed Issue

Today millions of teens are drinking. The Government spent $1.1 billion to combat alcohol and drug use, but only $71 million to target underage drinking. Today ...

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Direct Foreign Investment

t overseas was in the region of $27 billion this is in contrast to the amount in 1998 which reached $114.2 billion dollars.Describe the pattern if DFI into/out of UK compared with the rest of Europe.T ...

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Celestial Seasonings Case Study

Performance SummaryCelestial Seasonings is performing quite well. Tea sales in the U.S. are over $1 billion per year and it has captured 54% of the market. After its independence from Kraft, it mad ...

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