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Woolly Mammoth

bly require most of the samefactors to keep it alive. Since the Woolly Mammoth has been extinct for 4000 years, it isdifficult to tell exactly what they lived on, but we can hypothesize.The Woolly Mam ...

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The Death Penalty

THE DEATH PENALTYByPhil 1000March 25, 1997 The death penalty has existed for well over 4000 years. In 1728 BC the code of Hamurabe was passed to allow legal execution. For centuries capit ...

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Our society Isn't Doing enough To prevent Suicide

he years, it has not ceased to happen. The first suicide prevention Centre didn't come until almost 4000 years later. In 1774, England created the first Centre to try to prevent attempted suicides.Sui ...

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Judaism: Family traditions, Rituals and History

Jewish history began about 4000 years ago in the part of the world that today we call the Middle East. No one person ever "bega ...

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Body Piercings: An Enlightenment and a Step Back in Time.

ather than criticize it and draw negative conclusions.Evidence of body piercing goes back as far as 4000 years! The University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology displays a 4000 ...

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Hammurabi's Law Codes.

r Civilization. The law codes usually reflect social and cultural values. Evidence shows that about 4000 years ago that Hammurabi, King of Babylon, codified a complex law system. There are many issues ...

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This is a speech about my hobby, Kayaking

extremely harsh conditions. Archaeologists have found evidence that indicates kayaks to be at least 4000 years old.Hunting in a kayak was very dangerous. Sometimes a wounded animal wound attack the ka ...

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Indoor plumbing

y, of this advancement in today's modern society.Plumbing ultimately started in bathhouses close to 4000 years ago by the Grecians and the Romans. These early systems featured drainage systems that fl ...

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What has the Chinese government done to control its huge amount of population effectively?

a already achieved 13 million, but it increased very slowly during the next thousand years. It took 4000 years for China's population to reach 100 million, but when China went in to the 20th century, ...

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Religious to excess beyond any other nation- Herodotus

eligious to excess beyond any other nation"- Herodotus.The Ancient Egyptians were in existence over 4000 years ago. They were average people, much like us in the sense that they had a set of morals an ...

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Ancient India: Advances in Science

my, chemistry and medicine. In India, mathematics has its roots in Vedic literature which is nearly 4000 years old. (Ifrah 52) Indians made many advances in Mathematics and Astronomy but also made mor ...

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Thailand history

excavations in the area north of Nakorn Ratchasima indicate that there were people living here over 4000 years ago.However, by the 6th century AD thriving agricultural communities were established fro ...

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Jewish History

Jewish history began about 4000 years ago in the part of the world that today we call the Middle East. No one person ever "bega ...

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Judaism: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Israeli Palestinian conflict is not something new; this issue has been going on for more than 4000 years, however, the conflict intensity increased with the declaration of the Israel state on Pa ...

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A short description of why the ancient Egyptians are civilised

knew how to make paper, and knew how to farm.Considering that the ancient Egyptians existed around 4000 years ago, they were a very civilised race. They developed a complex form a writing: hieroglyph ...

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