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e in mass to Uranus. Its thick atmosphere made of hydrogen, helium,and some methane and ammonia, gives it a bluish color.DISCOVERY        On August 25, 19 ...

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Clinical Chemistry Tests in Medicine

e amino group. Deamination, which takes place principally in the liver, results in the formation of ammonia. In the liver, the ammonia is quickly converted to urea, which is relatively nontoxic, and i ...

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The printing business

facilities production. The government also wants the companies to give them information on how much ammonia they use along with the biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, total organic car ... facilities production. The government also wants the companies to give them information on how much ammonia they use along with the biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, total organic car ...

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Atmosphere and characteristics of Jupiter

Bizarre, colorful clouds of methane and ammonia compounds ripple through the turbulence of the Jovian atmosphere.When we look at Jupiter, wh ... ms partially because the composition of Jupiter's atmosphere includes complicated molecules such as ammonia and methane, as well as simple molecules such as helium, hydrogen, and sulfur.The atmosphere ... helium and traces of nearly all other elements. Most of this is in the form of molecular compounds, ammonia, methane, molecular hydrogen and water. The upper areas of the zones are believed to be ammo ...

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Nitric Acid

NITRIC ACIDManufactured:Nitric acid is manufactured by oxidation of ammonia followed by treatment with water. Ammonia and air are passed over a heated platinum catalyst ...

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Haber Process.

Haber examined the direct combination reaction between nitrogen and hydrogen, a reaction that forms ammonia.If we decrease the concentration of ammonia in the system, this decreased concentration of a ... ve system. According to LeChatelier's Principle the system will favor the process that replaces the ammonia that we siphoned off. The forward reaction or process produces ammonia. On other hand, if we ...

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Effect of Smoking on Breathing, Gas Exchange & Pregnancy

ful gases that can be damaging to the body such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and acrolein.Passive SmokingPassive smoking is involuntary smoking by non-smokers inhaling t ...

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Acid-Base Titration Chemistry Formal Lab Writeup by A.Mm

ium hydroxide resulted in an equivalence point out of the range of methyl red. And the titration of ammonia with hydrochloric acid had an equivalence point that was also out of the range of phenolphth ... Acetate Ion with Water:CH3COO- (aq) + H2O (l) ?CH3COOH (aq) + H3O+ (aq)Reaction 5: The reaction of Ammonia with Hydrochloric Acid:NH3 (aq) + HCL (aq) ?NH4+ (aq) + Cl- (aq)Reaction 6: The reaction of ...

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Eye Safety

away from the hazard.When adults handle hazardous cleaning products like oven and drain cleaners or ammonia and bleach, they need to wear goggles and gloves. Sometimes just the fumes can cause burning ...

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Urey and Miller

ting with some elements presumed to be present in the primordial atmosphere (carbon dioxide, water, ammonia, hydrogen, methane, etc.), Miller and Urey were able to produce some amino acid precursors. ... y by random chance...One scientist has offered this explanation: "In the stages of the early earth, ammonia, hydrogen and water vapor were more abundant, so they were likely to already be in close pro ...

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How is hydrogen chloride produced in industry and lab, its uses and preacautions to its hazards

nces react with each other. In this essay, hydrogen chloride will be researched on from the list of ammonia, sulphur dioxide and sulphur, chlorine and hydrogen chloride. The following table shows the ...

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The Earth's Atmosphere

ng this period of great activity, the rocks gave off large quantities of gases, including nitrogen, ammonia, carbon monoxide and water vapor as well- a mixture similar to that given off by volcanoes a ...

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Scientists during wartime: Is it their duty to do everything in their power to aid their nation?

e influence it has in molding human life and human culture and civilization. The method of creating Ammonia which was extremely rare at the time, was invented by this very scientist, thus the process ... ) with iron acting as a catalyst to combine nitrogen and hydrogen in their gaseous forms to produce Ammonia. He also designed the first gas bombs and proceeded to command the first regiment to ever us ...

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Ammonia Cooling Heat Exchanger Replacement

FROM: Team DeltaDATE: 4/20/05SUBJECT: Ammonia Cooling Heat Exchanger ReplacementATTACHMENTS: Calculations & DiagramA need has ... Calculations & DiagramA need has risen to replace the existing heat exchanger (1) for cooling ammonia vapor exiting the ammonia converter (2). In response to this need, Team Delta has designed a ...

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Acid Rain.

tion occurs the most in clouds and especially in heavily polluted air where other compounds such as ammonia and ozone help to catalyze the reaction, changing more sulfur dioxide to sulfuric acid. Howe ...

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Why are Brown Trout being introduced into the Hudson river when the native trout, Brook Trout is already present?

will present some of the challenges we encountered in this paper. We conducted chemical testing for ammonia and pH on the water before and after water changes to ensure a controlled environment that w ... trout are slightly smaller. We feed them twice a day, change 10% of the water weekly and check the ammonia and pH levels daily. We will continue to raise our Brook trout until June when we will relea ...

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Haber Process

ction between Nitrogen (N) from the air and Hydrogen (H) derived mainly from natural gas, to create Ammonia. There have been both good and bad outcomes of the Haber Process, although nowadays I think ... es of the Haber Process, although nowadays I think it would be hard to fault it!To make the product ammonia, like I said before, you need Nitrogen and Hydrogen. In order to utilise the Haber Process, ...

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The Nitrogen Cycle

the acid and use it as a protein.b) Nitrogen fixation by BacteriaBacterias convert the nitrogen to ammonia. A nitrofiying bacteria called cyano bacteria changes the ammonia into nitrate. Some bacteri ... ake ammino acids.Plants provide bacteria with sugar which is needed to make nitrate.2) NitrificationAmmonia will react with water and become ionized. Bacteria in the soil will break down the ammonia i ...

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Spheres Inside of Spheres

reathe.The atmosphere, a mixture of gases in the air, took 4.5 billion years to evolve. Methane and ammonia were deadly gases common in ancient atmospheres. Chemical reactions on earth caused the brea ...

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A Child Called "It"

nishments" his mother puts him through for being a "bad boy", from forcing him to drink ammonia or lay on top of a hot stove, to being forced to throw up the food that his hunger drove him ...

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