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Examining Some Properties of the Enzymatic Reaction

otometry is a quantitative analysis used to determine the amount or concentration of a substance ( -amylase) from its ability to absorb radiant energy. The substance is usually colored and radiant ene ... e of this lab is to determine the maximum velocity and substrate concentration for the reaction of -amylase and starch. The substrate (starch) and the enzyme ( - amylase) come together for a short tim ...

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Catalase investigation

sment EnzymesAimThe aim of this experiment is to see the effect of four different concentrations of amylase solution on the breakdown of starch.PredictionAccording to ( Microsoft corporat ... o product, release it and bind with another substrate molecule.As a higher concentrated solution of amylase is used the rate of reaction will increase, as there will be more active sites available for ...

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The Advantages of using Enzymes in Biotechnology.

ies when dealing with certain stains.Lipase - breaks down lipid stains into fatty acids any glycerolAmylase - break down starch stainsCellulase - break down the ends of the damaged cotton fibres to re ... il and protein being extracted from the maize, and the starch solution is boiled and treated with a-amylase. The temperature causes the enzyme to denature after a few minutes, but does not break some ...

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Action of Amylase in the Small Intestine-experiment-lab report

Testing the action of amylaseAim: To see if the starch solution is broken down in the visking tube by the amylase and then ... teTongsSyringeStarch SolutionBenedict SolutionWaterTest tubesStringVisking tubeThermometerStop WatchAmylase solutionMethod:1. Firstly gather all apparatus necessary and set them up accordingly.2. Then ... so no solution can pass through it.3. Add the starch solution to the visking tube and then add the amylase to the visking tube and tie the other end up so it is closed up completely.4. Then add this ...

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Lab report on enzyme activity.

duct is released and the enzymes active site is ready and waiting for another molecule of substrate.Amylase is an enzyme in human saliva and in other organisms and its substrate is starch. When the ac ... enzyme in human saliva and in other organisms and its substrate is starch. When the active site of amylase binds with the starch, hydrolysis takes place. When the hydrolysis (the breaking of a chemic ...

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How Amylase Digests Starch.

hydraise enzymes digest carbohydrates, protease enzymes digest protein.PredictionI predict that the amylase will digest the starch the best and the quickest at around room temperature, (35 C-45 C). I ... g tile, glass rod, small beakers, water bath at 37 C, ice, iodine solution, starch solution, boiled amylase, fresh amylase, stop clock, measuring cylinder, goggles, pipette and thermometer.MethodFirst ...

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Biology A level planning experiment of effect of lead ions on amylase

The effect of Lead ions on amylase activityAimWhat is the effect of Lead ions on the enzyme Amylase. And does it have an inhibi ... process in the enzyme catalyst. Also is the effect reversible or irreversible, which is put on the amylase.MethodApparatus and substances requiredTest tube holder 2% starch solution6 boiling tubes la ... bes labelled A to E, ( F) Dimple tiles5 test tubes labelled A1, B2, C3, D4, E5, (F6) 5 ml syringe1% Amylase solution 4 dropping pipettesStop clockFirstly, in each of the boiling tubes place 8 ml of 2% ...

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Observing Emulsification and Comparing the Actions of Saliva and Pepsin: Lab report describing how emulsification may be observed in the lab

iment are to observe the process of emulsification and to compare the actions of pepsin and saliva (Amylase).Background Information: The function of the human digestive system is to digest food that i ... ymes. Chemical digestion occurs mainly in the stomach and small intestine. Saliva containing amylase acts on starch to break it down into maltose, in the mouth, starting the process by which st ...

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Enzyme substrate complex

Amylase Starch Maltose I2KI starchBenedicts sugarLike most chemical reactions, the rate of an enzyme ... mulates the secretion of enzymes. The tasting and chewing allows saturation of the salivary enzyme, amylase, which breaks down the starch to glucose when chewing potato or bread. The pH drops to an ac ... d range as low as four or five. The upper portion of the stomach called the fundus continues to use amylase and other enzymes for predigestion. The stomach contents are then passed through the pyloric ...

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An Investigation Into The Effect Of Enzyme

o different jobs. For example, starch in the body is digested to sugar maltose, by an enzyme called amylase. The chemical which I will be using is hydrogen peroxide which is a volatile and dangerous s ...

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Pepsin Experiment

ch breaks peptide bonds in proteins) will not work on starch (which is broke down by human-produced amylase in the mouth).Increase in temperature will speed up the rate of non-enzyme mediated reaction ...

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Copper Sulphate On Amylase

e copper sulphate concentration on the rate of the hydrolysis of starch to maltose using the enzyme amylase. Copper sulphate was used because it acted as an inhibitor.Hypothesis, I predicted that the ... as due to the fact that copper sulphate would interfere with the starch for the active sites on the amylase molecules because it is a inhibitor.Biological Knowledge, Amylase acts as a catalyst and sta ...

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Enzymes are key to the breakdown of larger molecules for use in organisms. Amylase’s role is to break down starch in living organisms, into smaller carbohydrates. Certain ... is to break down starch in living organisms, into smaller carbohydrates. Certain industries rely on amylase for the hydrolysis of starch. There are conditions for optimal usage of amylase in different ... ons for optimal usage of amylase in different environments. The hydrolysis of starch through use of amylase is an important part of consumption of food in living organisms.Amylase is an enzyme that is ...

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Lab report

pe text] [Type text]1Pineda,The Effects of Varying Temperatures on the Fungal and Bacterial Enzymes Amylase.By Vanessa PinedaBSC 1010LRoberto PereiraLab Partners:GabriellaRichardChristianAbstract:Intr ... oduction:The analysis of the effect that temperatures will have on the bacterial and fungal enzymes Amylase was conduced to figure out if the differences in temperatures will affect the amount of star ...

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