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Evolution of Homo Erectus. Details physical and social evolution from Aegygptopithecus to the appearance of Homo Erectus. Improve: Mixed up "hominoid" and "hominid" a bit.

oot of their split.The Miocene, which took place 23-5 million years ago, is known as the Age of the Apes. In the early Miocene, the movement of South America and Australia changed ocean currents as th ... on to the preceding Oligocene epoch (Turnbaugh 191). This hot and wet environment was ideal for the apes of the time, and they grew in numbers with the tropical rainforests they inhabited. This expans ...

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How planet of the apes is an anti-war film

ggest theirs more than meets the eye. One particular film that caught my attention is planet of the apes the story of slavery, and history repeating itself. Its cryptic value is so hard to see I had t ... t and see the unseen. Past all the make-up and special effects theirs significance to the fact that apes have taken mans place.Man has always had an obsession with death and war. Its nothing we can ex ...

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2001 a space odyssey.

n" that show the endangerment of a species. Bones, the search for food, a leopard easily killing an ape, the frightened eyes of an ape during the night, and the first invasion at the waterhole show th ... e power tools provide. Finally, the second defeat at the waterhole represents man's separation from ape. For example, the leader of group one is standing upright when he approaches his enemies. Moreov ...

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Science Fiction Essay - "Planet of the Apes": There should scientific elements that are to be considered, use them in your essay if you can.

Science fiction text like the one studied "Planet of the Apes" has typical and common elements such as conventional characters, setting, themes and plots. Th ... nts such as conventional characters, setting, themes and plots. These are explored in Planet of the Apes and in numerous different ways across a number of different texts which helps to classify scien ... ferent texts which helps to classify science fiction genre.Conventional characters in Planet of the Apes would be that the good guys are not considered to be as powerful as the bad guys. The good char ...

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Planet Of The Apes

orld of cinema with an action-packed adventure of a lifetime. Despite being a remake, Planet of the Apes easily pushed aside its competition, mainly Jurassic Park 3 and Rush Hour 2, to claim the first ... the storm causes him to travel through time, crashing on an unknown, upside-down planet. Here, the Apes rule and humans are nothing but caged salves. Immediately, he takes charge and escapes from sla ...

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PRIMATE ORDER PRIMATE DIVERSITY "¢Primates - the order of mammals to which humans, apes, monkeys, and prosimians belong."¢Prosimians - a suborder of primates, composed of small p ... siers."¢Anthropoids - the suborder of primates including New World Monkeys, Old World Monkeys, apes and humans."¢Hominoids - apes and humans, including all extinct forms, back to the diverge ...

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Keratin 8 Protein

ur, lack a cranial tuft, and have a crest of black or dark brown fur running from the crown to the nape of the neck. They are reported to have an average weight of 7.5 kilograms (17 lb), although this ... y longer body hair and subtly different vocalisations. The males can also be distinguished by the shape of the white patches on their cheeks; in the northern species these reach the upper borders of t ...

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