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Empire Records.

der to save the store, Lucas takes all the money, and instead of putting it in the bank, he goes to Atlantic City. While there, Lucas doubles his money in minutes. Unfortunately right after he looses ... nd Mark find Lucas asleep on his motorcycle outside the store. After finding out that Lucas went to Atlantic City, A.J. realizes that Lucas lost the stores money. Lucas rides away just as Joe pulls up ...

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ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.(AP) Unbeaten WBC lightweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. likes the idea of mov ...

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Pathological Gambling (Compulsive Gambling), a medical disorder.

sick, usually after a week-end, to stay at the casinos and play-Everyone laughed and called it the 'Atlantic City Flu'-By the time my employer confronted me about the missing petty cash and altered cl ...

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Gambling with today's youth

rs, gambling options have increased immensely. Gone are the days where you have to go to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or your local bookie. Now, you can gamble from the comfort of your own home. It is so ...

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New Jersey Political History

unities and problems for people to consider. The state's policy of legalized gambling, centered in Atlantic city, also creates revenue, as well as major headaches for the citizens. The strong histor ...

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Frank Sinatra

, there was even an incident where Frank and Dean Martin verbally abused an employee in a casino in Atlantic City. And there are many occasions when he threatened reporters and photographers. To those ...

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Circus Circus

om over saturation. Management should also consider looking into the opportunity to expand into the Atlantic City market. This is the second largest market in the US and Trump Hotels & Casinos are ... g to get out of the industry. This would be a great opportunity to gain a significant handle on the Atlantic City region. Both of these recommendations are consistent with management's objectives and ...

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If the casino always wins

job losses and a dip in the economy in that area. You only have to look at areas like Las Vegas and Atlantic City to see the good that legalized gambling brings to an area.Many good causes receive gra ...

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Las Vegas, USA: Portrait of a Market Leader

s. Since entertainment has become tempting in the most societies, no other place, not New York, not Atlantic City, not Monaco offers more of fun in more forms than Las Vegas. People feel like they HAV ...

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Organized Crime Within The USA During the Prohibition Era

to government officials. One main example of this was Nucky Johnson. Nucky was a political boss of Atlantic City, and ran the republican political machine that controlled it. Nucky and many of the ot ... the republican political machine that controlled it. Nucky and many of the other head officials in Atlantic City saw prohibition as a unique opportunity for the city's wealth and for his own personal ...

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