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How a Flashlight Works. a verbal desription of the anatomy of a flashlight.

one on top of the other, and are enclosed in a plastic cylinder. Electricity which is stored in the battery(s), flows like a stream through the parts of the flashlight in a circular motion or circuit. ... ht is screwed onto a metal conductorwich is in contact with the circuit, at the positive end of the battery. The switch on a flashlight acts like a drawbridge over a break in the curcuit. When you sli ...

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A battery recycling proposal for a small scale community like a school.

Battery Recycling ProposalWhen you need a portable, convenient power source, you can always rely on ... they also represent many environmental problems and therefore providing the need for recycling. My battery recycling proposal will be divided into the three major aspects of recycling; information, c ... nto the three major aspects of recycling; information, collection, and disposal.InformationInside a battery, heavy metals react with chemical electrolyte to produce the batteries power. It is these he ...

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Resistance of a Wire

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The impact if ICT on a person with special/particular needs.

cket wherever she goes, and emails will always reach her wherever she is. This device has excellent battery life -- it can run continuously for several days without being turned off. The Blackberry de ... h connects to MSN and Yahoo instant messaging networks too. However even though it has an excellent battery life there is a possibility that the battery could die while she is out meaning it is diffic ...

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Acid Rain

gen sulfide recovered from the purification of water gas, refinery gas, natural gas and other fuels.Battery Acid IndustryMany industries depend on sulfuric acid. Among these industries is the battery ... ndustries depend on sulfuric acid. Among these industries is the battery acid industry.The electric battery or cell produces power by means of a chemical reaction. A battery can be primary or secondar ...

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Health and safety report on a standalone computer

tal, MultiMedia Card, SmartMedia and MemoryStick formats. Overall the weight of the 2012 WLMi (with battery) is around 3 kilograms which is reasonable considering the screen size and specification. Th ...

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Mr.vans Bpv Lap Write Up

se: The purpose of this lab is to determine the relationship between position (x) and time (t) of a battery-powered vehicle.Apparatus & Procedure: Diagram: Procedure instructions: 1. Get two batte ...

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How are Car batteries made and how they work ?

batteries made and how do they work? Include chemical reactions that are involved in the process.A battery is a device for storing chemical energy and converting that chemical energy into electricity ... nergy and converting that chemical energy into electricity. A car battery is a type of rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to an automobile. Usually this refers to an SLI battery (start ...

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Investigating a factor that affects the volume of H2 at the cathode in an electrolysis reaction

e voltage increases, the volume of H2 will increase.VariableIndependent variableVoltage of the cell battery (6V, 9V, 12V)Dependant variableThe amount of H2 produced. (measure by checking the amount of ... the electrolytic cell and the measuring cylinder. (400ml)Equipment used for each trial.MaterialCell battery (one)Beaker (one 1000ml)Measuring cylinder (one 50ml)Electrical conductors (two wires)Electr ...

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What limits the way batteries change the way we live?

ChemistryMr. BrothertonOne World EssayWhat limits the way that batteries can change the way we live?Battery is a device, which consists of one or more electrochemical cells, which converts stored chem ... s there wouldn't be mobile phones and computers.Batteries work by reduction and oxidation reaction. Battery is a device, which consists of one or more cells. Each cell consists of at least two half-ce ...

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