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Introduction to Philosophy: an essay that offers my own answers to 6 major questions in philosophy

Is belief in God rational?Both science and religion depend on each other as they try to answer the same ... ves clear and vivid thinking, complete and accurate information, and no faulty conditioning.What is belief? Everyone has a belief system, whether they're Christians or not. Everyone has some sort of p ... o "believe" that we do not believe in anything means we must lack entity. For we all act on certain beliefs, and our suppositions have either a conscious or subconscious influence on our lives and beh ...

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Night by Elie Wiesel

lone a young child. In his novel it clearly states in many places that the sights he saw caused his belief in God to diminish.'For the first time I felt a revolt arise up in me. Why should I bless his ... kids being being put in the crematorium. This was the main turning point in his change of religious beliefs. He was then moved to Buna, another camp where he worked in a warehouse for electrical equip ...

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"Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe

urvive purely on determination and will. With no previous knowledge of tools, navigation, or even a belief in God, Robinson Crusoe learns to acquire these skills by himself when he is stranded on a de ... God has cursed him to be all alone without a companion or hope of escaping. After developing a true belief in God, Crusoe changes his mind once again. Instead of luck landing him on the island, he fee ...

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The Philosophy of Religion. The God of Philosophy

ionIf you are a religious believer then it is unlikely that you require an argument to support your beliefs. If you are a non-believer, then it is even more unlikely that you will be converted or conv ... investigate in this essay whether it is possible to produce an argument that at least can show that belief per se can be a credible or rational stance to adopt. Furthermore, I will accept Soren Kierke ...

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A comparison of Anne Bradstreet and John Woolman, both New England writers.

New England writers shared the same beliefs, but how they chose to reveal them to the world varied. Anne Bradstreet and John Woolman wer ... to the world varied. Anne Bradstreet and John Woolman were two such writers whom both had a strong belief in God, yet they did not have the same preaching techniques. Bradstreet wanted to share her l ...

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Plantinga's Properly Basic Beliefs

istians do not need any arguments for believing in God because believing in God is a properly basic belief. He goes further to say that arguments are insufficient for the basis of a religious belief. ... s are insufficient for the basis of a religious belief. Some beliefs are properly basic: perceptual beliefs, memory beliefs, certainly, but also: beliefs based on testimony, belief in other minds, mat ...

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Analysis of John Gardner's Grendel as being an illustration of the shattered innocent/fallen from grace archetype, as well an accurate depiction of human nature

People believe in things. They believe strongly. And when those beliefs are broken, they often feel personally betrayed by that. This is the idea expressed in John ... emotions and thought processes. The Shaper, as well as many of the "human" characters represent the belief in God, and the dragon represents the idea of atheism. In the beginning, Grendel believes in ... him of predestination. He spoke of the absence of God and of the simple mindedness of the Shaper's beliefs and of his followers blind affection. "'I can see you understand them. Counters, measurers, ...

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This essay explores Nathaniel Hawthorne's usage of symbolism and foreshadowing in his short story "Young Goodman Brown".

eaning, one of which is simply that of which she is known and the other is that of an unquestioning belief in God that does not require proof or evidence. Hawthorne then stresses the importance of the ... 72) Then realizing what was going on he exclaimed, "My Faith is gone!" (672) "Faith" symbolizes his belief in God and his new bride, because after that statement he yells to the Devil in defiance and ...

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Descartes' Fifth Meditation This essay provides insight into Descartes' Fifth Meditation and the existence of God

es up with a number of examples that relate aspects from the material world in order to further his belief that God really does in fact exist. He states his theories favoring God's existence, most not ... scartes' contends that he couldn't have the idea of God in his mind if God didn't exist. The entire belief in God relies upon the fact He is perfect. Descartes' says that he cannot think of God in any ...

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Why I am optomistic about America.

tive about America's future because of three basic traits: religion, law, and technology.A person's beliefs keep a person alive both mentally and spiritually. The United States did what a lot of gover ... ates did what a lot of governments didn't, that was to separate religion and government. A person's belief in God rarely is changed, if ever. If we had no separation between God and Government, then w ...

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The Life of Joseph and the coat of many colors.

were born from Jacob's favorite wife Rachel. Jacob was extremely in favor of Joseph because of his belief in God. One day Jacob gave Joseph a beautiful, brightly colored coat. When the older brothers ...

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The Basis of My Belief in God.

I believe that there is a God, and that God created everything in the universe. My belief in God was centered around the affirmation my parents gave me when I was a little girl, but w ...

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"The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and poems by Jonathan Edwards and Anne Bradstreet.

adstreet.Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter is a novel of the Puritanical society, sin, and a belief in God but most importantly one of love. The main character, Hester Prynne, faces situations ...

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An article citing the reasons the line "under god" should be removed from the pledge of allegiance.

o pledge their allegiance to a nation "under god" is an unmistakable confirmation of a governmental belief in god. As the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled, the phrase "under god" is as biased and un ... ses "under Zeus," or "under Allah." Although everyone is certainly entitled to their own rights and beliefs, the daily repetition of a phrase establishing a public belief in religion is both insulting ...

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Religious scepticism about the 'teleological argument'.

been a topic that has been discussed at great length. When people speak about Religion or Religious belief they are normally referring to the belief in the existence of God or gods. Religion does not ... mally referring to the belief in the existence of God or gods. Religion does not necessarily mean a belief in God, people who dedicate their lives to a cause, such as the relief of human suffering, ar ...

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The logical problem of evil

volent. Is He both able and willing? Whence then is evil?" (Craig, 80). When the skeptic challenges belief in God on the basis of the logical problem of evil, he is suggesting that it is irrational or ...

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David Hume: Against the Design and Cosmological Arguments for God's Existence

In his dialogues concerning religion David Hume explores whether religious belief can be rational. Because Hume is an empiricist he thinks that a belief is rational only if it ... an come to know about God by reasoning from the evidence afforded us by nature. Cleanthes bases his belief in God on the argument from design. According to this argument, the complex order and beauty ... re perfect form. By showing that the argument from design fails, Hume hopes to prove that religious belief cannot possibly be based on reason.Philo the skeptic delivers Hume's objections to the argume ...

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Analysis On The Book Night By Elie Wiesel.

onsider. That is death.As a teenager during the early 1940's in Sighet, Romania, Eliezer had a firm belief in God. He yearned to study mysticism in his Jewish religion and deepen his knowledge of the ... different situations. These situations cause him to question his God and eventually lead to his disbelief in God. Innocent men and children are killed in front of his very eyes. Eliezer recalls the d ...

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Show how the theodicies of Iranaeous and Augustine account for natural evil.

an actions'. therefore, many people believe that God is a cause of these disasters. Therefore their belief in God is questioned, as it makes them believe God is with limits. An example of a particular ... l evil caused deliberately by humans doing what they ought not to do'One of the major problems with belief in a God is merging this belief with the concept of all the evil and suffering in the world. ...

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St. Agustine on the exitance of evil in a world created by a perfect and loving God.

world created by a perfect God of only good things I will briefly examine Augustine's reasoning for belief in God for which no clear evidence can be given. I will then go on to critique Augustine's ar ... ow." (Isa. 7:9:LXX) (Aug. The Teacher pg. 31) This gives Augustine a logical basis for an illogical belief. It can be considered illogical to believe in a God for which no physical proof can be given, ...

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