A comparison of Anne Bradstreet and John Woolman, both New England writers.

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New England writers shared the same beliefs, but how they chose to reveal them to the world varied. Anne Bradstreet and John Woolman were two such writers whom both had a strong belief in God, yet they did not have the same preaching techniques. Bradstreet wanted to share her love a God through her poetry where as Woolman shared his through word of mouth. Their different religious backgrounds played a part in how they acted. Bradstreet was a Puritan, who centered her writings on her domestic life, and she tried not to dwell on material things but sometimes she could not help herself. Woolman, who was a Quaker, also did not care about material possessions, and he wanted to center his whole life on God and His teachings. It was because of their yearning for Gods acceptance that these two American writers have had an enormous impact not only on the people of their time, but also on generations today.

Bradstreet wrote with "simplicity and force", yet this was uncommon for a woman of her time. She realized that the "Puritan community frowned on writing as unseemly behavior for a woman"(128). She lived a simple life although she knew that there was more to life for a woman that the Puritans believed. She knew of other things because she "was educated beyond the simple household skills and the lessons in submission often given to woman of her time and station"(128). In her poetry it is plain to see that this frustrates her. In the Prologue she states, "Yet grant some small acknowledgment of ours". She wants women to receive credit for things other than housework and child rearing.

Bradstreet had to put her writings as her last priority, as her duties as a mother and wife came first. She did...