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Case Study of an airline in the post 9-11 era, and a marketing analysis of how the airline can gain marketshare

eceived high awards for customer satisfaction in the late nineties, but the current name carries no brand awareness. Each area of promotion, strategy to increase brand awareness, and tool used to incr ... vered from 9-11. This campaign will utilize a multi-contact, multi-media approach designed to build brand awareness, increase ticket sales, and reduce the number of empty seats.Goals: Brand Awareness ...

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How is the concept of congruency can be relevant to a revitalisation of brand equity strategy?

AbstractThe brand value can be evaluated thanks to a survey. This survey shows notably the consumers are aware o ... valuated thanks to a survey. This survey shows notably the consumers are aware of the brand and the brand association.This increase in attention can mainly be attributed to the fact that brands positi ... es.The main aim of this research is to deal with the impact and importance of the congruency on the brand equity.The exploration of these effects is made by referring to the literature of brand images ...

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A marketing plan about personal computer.

ntages? How to distribute a kind of new products and get the largest market share? How to establish brand awareness? This marketing plan will solve these problems that must be faced by modern marketer ... ters should get well performances, TCL Computer Company should increase its market share, establish brand awareness, a higher level of customer satisfaction and other benefits.2.0 Corporate Background ...

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Coca-Cola Indochina Pte. Ltd In Vietnam.

5% of the market and coca cola products garnering only 39% of the market.Coca-cola has the required brand awareness but needs to improve brand acceptability in Vietnam. Therefore its market strategy i ... tegy i.e. advertisement plan, pricing plan and marketing logistics should be based on improving the brand acceptability to command a high order of brand loyalty. Pepsi has the first mover advantage in ...

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Does Nike's recent acquisition of Converse strengthen Nike's position?

ivate investors in 2001 due to bankruptcy, since then it has successfully reestablished itself as a brand. One should look at various elements of the acquisition, and subsequently examine the strength ... ke's competition against rivals such as Reebok, Adidas and Puma.Firstly, there would an increase of brand awareness of Nike, as it has a larger target audience, (due to take over of Converse), meaning ...

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Marketing Plan for a Herbal Company - Himalaya Herbals.

lly. We concluded that Himalaya Herbals must undertake an intensive advertising campaign to promote brand awareness, gain a greater market share, propel the image of its products, and elevate itself t ... onomy allows Himalaya Herbals to expandAging population may be capitalised on in the futureIncrease brand awarenessSupport from many diverse ethnic backgroundsGain larger share of customers from tradi ...

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Pharmsim Simulation Paper. This paper shows, how to implement the marketing strategies in Pharmsim simulation.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYI. Mission StatementAll-star Brands Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of packaged goods in the world. The Pharmaceu ... ucts such as Alright.Increase Sales Force from 174 to over 200.Maintain promotional allowance since Brand Awareness is high--increase if necessary, depending on retention ratio.Consider reformulating ... reformulating product with available ingredients to better suit consumer needs.Increase All-Round+ Brand Awareness from 51.0% to 70% within the next two years.To increase All-Round Brand Awareness ba ...

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AOL Latin America David T.A. Wesley; Henry W. Lane; Nicholas Athanassiou

ollowing factors: The easy to use proprietary portal software, the flat fee pricing structure, high brand awareness, a large user community, good content and immense marketing efforts.The proprietary ... s AOL.The immense marketing effort helped AOL USA to enlarge their market share and to build a high brand-awareness. The strategy of giving out masses of CDs with their dial-in software bundled with a ...

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Nike/Adidas: Key factors that influence success of Nike and Adidas, Swot Analysis.

Brand awareness is one of the biggest assets that athletic shoe companies as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, F ... in getting consumer's attention and making a good place in that shoe market. If a well established brand name effectively mentions the messages of quality and dependability. Thus consumers will autom ... ly mentions the messages of quality and dependability. Thus consumers will automatically go to that brand relying on the image that has been created when they don't have time to shop around.Athletic s ...

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Saturn : A different kind of a car company : HBS Case

ous levels of standard equipment* Increased emphasis on customer's service by building the positive brand awareness - 'selling the company with the car', identifying closely with the customer and trea ... ntage over Japanese companies due to the favorable exchange rate. Having established an independent brand name, Saturn had tried to emphasize a new approach in the customer service and a new way of do ...

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Measuring Brand Awareness, Brand Image, Brand Equity and Brand Value

s essay is to provide an overview and references on the various methods that can be used to measure brand knowledge (brand awareness and brand image), brand equity and brand value. This note provides ... r's (2003) excellent book also provides detailed information on each concept and its measurement.1. Brand knowledgeBrand knowledge refers to brand awareness (whether, and when, consumers know the bran ...

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Brand Equity: Extending Brand Awareness and liking with Signal Detection Theory

Brand equity, which is a central topic in modern marketing, may be assessed from three perspectives: ... from three perspectives: customer mind set, product market outcomes and financial market outcomes. Brand awareness (memory) and brand liking are elements of customer mind set brand equity. The factor ... actors determining brand awareness and likeability are also determinants of the change in financial brand equity. In order to understand these factors, Signal Detection Theory is employed for finding ...

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The Retail strategy of ALDO

CBBE of ALDO1. Brand SalienceALDO is very well-known brand as a shoes retailer. Not only by aggressive advertising, ... it places a premium on being a good corporate citizen by working to enrich the communities.Depth of brand awareness : we asked 7 friends of ours( all of them have been living Canada more than 10 years ... ind of campaign they are doing, etc. 3 people of out 7 answered that ALDO is top of mind.Breadth of brand awareness : ALDO is trying to maximize it's brand awareness by doing fight against campaign. I ...

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Marketing Report for Coca Cola Amatil (CCA):

ore share in NACSD market, increased revenue and in this way, smaller competitors are cut out.-High brand awareness and recognition through effective promotion:Makes further promotion easier accepted. ... waterfall would be appealing. Also, this symbol will make MT. Franklin easier to identify in store.Brand:An individual brand strategy should be used to tell it apart from its soft drink dominant comp ...

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Brand audit report is for Louis Vuitton

AbstractThis brand audit report is for Louis Vuitton. The purpose of doing this is to evaluate the brand equity o ... evaluate the brand equity of Louis Vuitton, both from the customers' and firm's perspective. As the brand equity is based on brand knowledge, (Keller, 2003) the brand audit is carried out through a su ... Keller, 2003) the brand audit is carried out through a survey designed to measure two components of brand knowledge; namely brand awareness and brand image. In conclusion, it was found that the consum ...

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Ericsson Case Study

strategies and of its different markets it is operating in.This case study deals with the issues of brand vs. product advertising in the international market.In 1997 the company was divided into 3 bus ... into consumer needs and perceptions, to invest some of its advertising budget into the creation of brand awareness. This campaign was widely criticized and it was questioned if this was the right mov ...

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Retailer Ltd SWOT

SWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTHSi.Retailer enjoys excellent brand awareness across India.ii.The products available at Retailer adhere to international standards ... ll cities where their stores are located.iv.Retailer is able to provide a huge variety of different brands to its customers both in terms of length & breadth.WEAKNESSESi.For the Indian market Reta ... he focus of the company is only limited to the propaganda of the name of Retailer while the various brands available at the stores are not mentioned.iii.The company is not willing to be flexible in it ...

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Brita Products Company

of 1990, aided by significant publicity of these health problems, assisted Brita to easily increase brand awareness to the consumers and create a significant market.Moreover a lot of people perceived ... r in the market. After the four years the company managed to create a strong image and build strong brand equity. These assets of the Brita's pitcher are revealed through the following facts:First of ...

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Gold Toe Industry Analysis, presented from Case Study of Harvard Business Review

d with significant changes in the hosiery industry (high growth in athletic the socks segment, high brand awareness of manufacturers, and intense advertisement campaigns) will significantly affect Gre ... e advertisement campaigns) will significantly affect Great American Knitting Mill's (GAKM) Gold Toe brand market share.Although Gold Toe's unit sales growth is flattening, its dollar sales are increas ...

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Public Relations

public relations objectives must remain consistent with the overall objective, which is to increase brand awareness to maximize current customers and identify new ones.As its name implies, public rela ... public relations plays an integral role in building relationships. That is especially important for brand new companies as they strive to retain existing customers and at the same time tries to captur ...

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