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The American Dream...It is a "dream"

Slamming the car door, Christie furiously ran away from her silver Lexus into her beautiful white, Victorian home ... e first and most common goal of the American Dream is that of love. Everyone wants to find love and care in the heart of another person. However, too often people find themselves searching for love, i ... People are disillusioned when they think that money can bring them happiness. Driving an expensive car, living in an enormous house, and having unlimited material objects are only good for temporary ...

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Creative Writing Short Story "Obsession"

at 5:53, and out the door at 6:02.As he walked the 37 steps down the sidewalk out to his dull green car, he thought to himself:"if they ever realized these server eccentricities about time of mine, I ... that such a thing could never happen.As his outstretched hand was about to insert the key into his car door, he noticed a large group of men running towards him from the corner three houses down the ...

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Pain and Misery: Sorry of the Free Will Delimma. This is an essay I birthed for my management class.

the instant you are outside your clothes are soaked from your immediate perspiration." Shutting her car door, she then walked inside the post office. As she opened her mailbox, she then took off her l ...

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It's Show Time ,Description Essay

house close, happiness spread throughout my body. I was so excited that I had trouble unlocking the car door. My fingers fumbled through the numerous oddities my father kept on his key ring. I finally ... d like angels singing. He spoke the magical word through the silver speaker-box; "ID and the credit card you purchased the tickets with please." I handed him my license and my ATM card. My hands shook ...

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A Car: The assignment was to analyze an object

Irons 1Troi IronsProfessor KraftEnglish 1014 Ocotber 2006A CarA young and rebellious girl rushes outside after a quarrel with her mother. For amoment, she stan ... o more as her anger fully envelopes her thoughts and actions.She stomps into the garage, swings the car door open, pulls the key out of her pocket,starts the ignition, and slams the car door. As she s ... ; she should have come early. She got on the busand sat down. As she looked out the window, she saw cars speeding by and imaginedwhat it would be like to have one.A boy walks home on his birthday with ...

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My Zero

MY ZERO        I shut the car door, the key turned, the car started--my mom was ready to take me to my drivers test. I knew t ... hard, I had no trouble with driving before, so why would I now?        She put the car into reverse, "Now remember to put your seat belt on before you start the car," then she backe ...       When she stopped at the stoplights she pushed on the break very gingerly, bringing the car to a slow stop: she was trying to show me how it should be done. I knew that she never drove li ...

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The Thief's Impact on My Life

s with him. On this one "quick stop" in downtown Cairo, I waited in the back seat of our old, rusty car. Suddenly, an unshaven man opened the car door leaned in closer, almost brushing against my pink ... was. Meanwhile, I didn't move an inch or say a word. "Hey beautiful," Dad said, opening the car door minutes later, " I bought your favorite candy." I held the tiny box of Hot Tamales in my la ...

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The Art of Music

music can be in everthing that we see. The leaves of the tree blowing and in the distance we hear a car door being shut. It has a soft melody that I am yet to understand. I never took the chance to he ...

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Mysteries and the Belief in Ghosts

is vehicle and went to Angela’s side of the vehicle to open the door for her. When he opened the car door, Angela had disappeared but her drenched coat was lying in his seat. He went to the door a ... astonished and told the man that his daughter had been killed on that same night one year ago in a car accident near the place where the man picked her up. The coat that Angela left in the man’s t ...

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Personal Narrative

to get my attention. I got up from the metallic bench located near the playground and got into the car. The car reeked of cigarettes and car deodorizer, but the sweet smell of the leather seats kept ... heir poor driving. It was not long until we pulled into the hospital parking lot. When I opened the car door, I felt the fall breeze brush through my hair and the scent of ginkgo seeds filled my nostr ...

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Advocacy Focused Interview in Clinical Setting

the engine and put the truck in gear, reportedly without realizing that her dress was caught in the car door. On further questioning, the patient indicates that she is not happy in this relationship a ...

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