Pain and Misery: Sorry of the Free Will Delimma. This is an essay I birthed for my management class.

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Pain and Misery: Sorrows

of the Free Will Dilemma

Eric Dick

May 19, 2004

David Mainor


"You have to soak up this weather while you can," she quietly muttered to herself as she stepped outside of her recently purchased Eclipse Spyder (as everything that belongs to her had to be new, though this was a repressed, unconscious instinct). "At any moment it could easily change to the instantaneous heat that Houston is quite famous for. No, it's not your normal 'look at me I am starting to sweat' warmth; it's far past that. This is the kind of blood boiling heat that the instant you are outside your clothes are soaked from your immediate perspiration." Shutting her car door, she then walked inside the post office. As she opened her mailbox, she then took off her leather jacket and hung it over her right shoulder - followed by a moment of fumbling through her purse.

Enter salad tongs. Now equipped, she was prepared to embezzle mail from adjacent post office boxes.

Oh what a joyous moment this was! Almost as if she was at her favorite upscale restaurant. No, this was far more enjoyable than that for it was like mentioned dining facility let her go to their refrigerator and randomly grab items for her meal. She deeply reached her arm inside, retrieved a variety of goodies, and placed them into her purse. There was no telling what type of treats she grabbed, though this wasn't a problem. All will be devoured when she returns to her automobile.

Free will or the ability to choose our destiny, some may argue is not entirely up to us. In Skeptic, a commentary written by Phile Mole, he touches on the possibilities of predestination or that our future is already decided for...