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THe Evolution of the PC and Microsoft

Xerox, Apple, IBM, and Compaq all played major roles in the development of the Personal Computer, or "PC," and the success ... IBM wanted Q/DOS.By this time, PC clones were popping up all over. The most effective clone was the Compaq. Compaq introduced the first BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) chip. The spearheaded a clone m ...

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Is Hewlett-Packard still a Visionary Company?

and Porras' book 'Built to Last'. The paper suggests that the criteria have been met even after the Compaq merger. The work is poorly referenced although there is a list of sources used. Written by no ... uilt to last". We will compare HP's history and HP today. We will also discuss, how the merger with Compaq could affect to corporate culture. That is important issue, because control in the HP is main ...

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Dell case study.

mputer Corporation. The upstart company was pitted against established industry giants such as IBM, Compaq, and Hewlett Packard; but by use of ingenious strategy and revolutionary business models Dell ... e, benefit of this is that Dell realizes higher gross margins than their competitors. For instance, Compaq and Dell make a similar computer that has the same processor, operating system, and equivalen ...

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Case Study Marketing Management: Dell-New Horizons (HBS 502-022) - DUTCH

een eigen merk de markt op kwam, werd de IT-industrie in de Verenigde Staten gedomineerd door IBM, Compaq en Apple. In tegenstelling tot deze bedrijven die gebruik maakten van een dealer netwerk, bes ... van Personal Computers(desktop en portable) units1985199419992001 YTDseptemberIBM37% 8.6% 7.2% 5.9%Compaq 413.415.612.7Apple1811.6 4.5 4.2Dell-- 4.216.524.6Gateway-- 5.4 9.1 8.3HP -- 2.2 8.8 9.8Other ...

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This is a case study about the Compaq Corporation.

n and History:With $111 million in revenues in 1982 to over $18 billion in worldwide sales in 1997, Compaq computer started out to be "just like" IBM and ended up revolutionizing the PC industry. Even ... the PC industry. Even in the days when computer companies were being started by people in garages, Compaq's beginning was unique. In 1981, Joseph "Rod" Canion, Jim Harris, and Bill Murto, who were al ...

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Compaq and HP

The merger between Hewlett-Packard and Compaq in my opinion was strictly for financial gains between the CEO Ms. Carly Fiorina and some off ... on, one must look at the recent strategic planning of the company first before the realization that Compaq and its brand name was soon to be systematically eliminated out of the picture.Corporate stra ... fic industry the company is competing in. It appears from the out set of the merger between HP ands Compaq that the strategic vision of the executive leadership was to acquire Compaq and then merge th ...

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HIstory of Dell

marketing potential of telephone sales gave Dell a competitive advantage over larger rivals IBM and Compaq, who, like the vast majority of computer makers, sold their products through high-markup reta ... a support center to handle customer inquiries. The company further differentiated itself from IBM, Compaq, and other mail-order rivals by introducing next day on-site service free for a period after ...

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Capable Manager (Open University)TMA 1

mobile phone top-up facilities in the United Kingdom. The environment consists of approximately 20 Compaq file servers that process online (real time) transactions, and batch (offline) transactions. ...

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Compaq , case study finanial analysis

CompaqA. Based on the spreadsheet ratios, evaluate whether the company is strong or weak in the four ... the industry average and this declined was due to several factors; the main factor that in 1998 the Compaq completed its acquisition of digital equipment corporation which mean it will carry due to th ...

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How can Dell use price to increase its market share?

tion. The sales model allows the organization to price beneath competitors like Hewlett-Packard and Compaq who sell by means of retail stores. Couriered distribution allows for significant savings thr ... rategies. In an effort to maintain their high margins, competitors such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Compaq have tried to differentiate their products. These companies that use this strategy to make th ...

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Acer Case Analysis

cognition and multiple channels to distribute their product.In the Canadian Competitor Environment, Compaq and IBM are the main players each accounting for 21 percent of the units shipped, respectivel ... financial difficulty that will be swallowed by a larger supplier(in Canada, not the U.S.), however, Compaq has already announced it would, "build to order," in Canada, so Acer will have to act swiftly ...

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Channel of Distribution Analysis of Dell & HP.

e computer industry. The first section of the case study explores Dell's use of direct channels and Compaq's use of indirect channels in Canada. We will see how Dell uses the direct model to easily al ... lows Dell to operate with very little inventory through the use of a just-in-time inventory system. Compaq uses indirect channels to utilize the ability of its wholesalers to efficiently move its comp ...

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HP Compaq Merger

with IBM and Sun over the next several years. However, the success of any strategy that the new HP/Compaq develops for its RISC-based OS's depends on the success of Itanium in the marketplace.Strateg ... etplace.Strategic MergerOn September 3, 2001, Hewlett Packard announced its plans to merge with the Compaq Computer Corporation. The merger, which will create an $87 billion global technology leader, ...

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Computer Upgrading

e past few years. Owners may have a name brand computer like Packard Bell, Dell, Gateway 2000, IBM, Compaq, HP, and Apple Macintosh, and they all cost well over a thousand dollars. In just a few years ...

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Cases In Information Systems

veloped between MicroAge and IBM in 1996. By 1997 MicroAge had channel assembly agreements with HP, Compaq, Panasonic, Digital, Acer, SUN and Intel.Analysis MicroAge is successfully demonstrating thei ...

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Compaq Strategic Analysis

3) Activity portefolio analysis p.28 a- Matrix b- b- DAS positioning c- ANNEXES p.29 ANNEXE 1 p.29 Compaq s'offre Digital pour plus de 57 milliards de francs ANNEXE 2 p.30 Compaq se positionne en g&A ... PC a complètement raté le tournant de la vente par Internet ANNEXE 4 p.32 Compaq au milieu du gué ANNEXE 5 p.33 Compaq rationnalise sa chaîne de dist ...

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Matching Dell

uccessful management of Dell Computer Corporation which grew twice as fast as its major rivals like Compaq, Gateway, Hewlett Packard and IBM. The case begins with a brief description of the history, p ... ing system to Intel and Microsoft. Consequently an imitation boom followed which saw companies like Compaq, HP and Dell enter the market with low priced portable PC's. The performance of PC's increase ...

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The Evolution of Computers

come up with the best and most recognized product. We?ve heard of computer giants like IBM, Apple, Compaq or the software emire Microsoft. They all have strong name recognition, yet todays market is ...

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Study Notes on Marketing year 11

ian economy.If a person wishes to purchase a computer there are many options available such as IBM, Compaq and Hewlett Packard.Effective marketing is a common thread in each of these situations. Marke ...

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Hewlett-Packard and Compaq:In May 2002, Hewlett- Packard (HP) and Compaq announced a merger that led to the creation of ... r 155,000 employees in over 160 countries. The merger faced opposition from the HP board as well as Compaq employees. In the case of HP and Compaq, the pre-merger strengths, weaknesses, opportunities ... m both companies worked on the long-term goal of strategic integration while HP's Webb McKinney and Compaq's CFO Jeff Clarke worked with the legal and HR staff to ensure that guidelines were establish ...

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