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Write an essay of 1000 words stating whether Australia will become a Republic within 20 years & some of the legal issues that relate.

the more complex legal issues that would follow such as how to splice the changes into our current Constitution, or how to replace it altogether.Any change to the Commonwealth Constitution would requ ... ally resistant to, and this would need to be co-ordinated with related changes to the various State Constitutions. Numerous issues would need to be resolved, including who will replace the Monarch and ...

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Outline constitutions in general and explain what factors have shaped the most recent constitution of one country you have studied

Constitutions in general have many great similarities. They can be described as a 'set of rules by w ... many great similarities. They can be described as a 'set of rules by which an organisation works' . Constitutions also contain information regarding the way of life for those people inside that 'organ ... r those people inside that 'organisation', or in this case, country. Just like different countries, constitutions are as unique from one to the next, from the unwritten constitution of the United King ...

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Yr 10 Study Notes - Commerce Written by Nick Lancaster

n away· Australia received self government from Britain on the 1st of January 1901· A constitution was drawn upWhat is the ConstitutionA constitution is a body of rules and laws in which ... t helps to pay for education and healthcare, even thought these are state level mattersChanging the constitutionThe Australian Constitution was founded when the social and economical structures were v ...

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Critical Analysis of Differing Approaches in Legal Reasoning.

med that the sections aggrieved Australian citizens whose rights were outlined and conserved by the Constitution. It was through agreement of the Australian people that the Constitution was created, a ... t to political discussion that was implied in the system of representative government for which the Constitution provided.He stated that the various levels of government in Australian parliament shoul ...

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Law and welfare of society

alia. Both Parliaments, Commonwealth and State, are given legislative powers under the Commonwealth Constitution. Under the Constitution, there are three branches of government: the executive, which w ... ividual State governments, and lastly, the judiciary.The highest law in Australia is the Australian Constitution thus all other laws, must be consistent with it. The following diagram adapted from the ...

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"The Castle"'s Darryl Kerrigan: A hero?

uto, confident that the case would be won. Neither Darryl nor Dennis ever had full knowledge of the constitution of Australia, and this is one heroic virtue that Darryl had: that amidst difficulties, ...

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Does Australia need a federal Bill of Rights?

are guaranteed under that country's laws. In some countries the Bill of Rights is entrenched in the constitution of that country while in others it exists as a separate legal instrument of parliament& ... ate legal instrument of parliament�.In countries where the Bill of Rights is embedded in the constitution, the bill cannot be altered or interfered with in any way without a referendum and othe ...

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The Anacronistic Constitution

INTRODUCTION In recent years, the Australian Constitution has come under increasing scrutiny. Pro republicans have argued that the Constitution i ... not include an hereditary monarch as the nation's Head-of-State. Monarchists believe that while the Constitution may need amending in some areas, the Queen as the Head-of-State reflects our history as ... stitutional crisis such as that of 1975, have been rare. It has also been suggested that the Constitution does not guarantee any particular rights for Australian citizens and that the Queen is ...

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Tension Between the Legislative and Judicial Arms of Government

utocratic or dictatorial rule. The separation of powers is a functional dimension of the Australian Constitution designed to divide power between the legislative, executive and judicial arms of govern ... to determine whether federal legislation falls within the powers granted to the legislature by the constitution. This responsibility in respect to the consideration of the constitutional validity of ...

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The High court of Australia

t fundamental legal tribunal. The Australian High Court was formed by the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act of 1900. Under the original jurisdiction, the exclusive role of the Australian High ... nder the original jurisdiction, the exclusive role of the Australian High Court is to interpret the constitution through making decisional outcomes upon existing disputes on constitutional matters.Und ...

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The 1967 referendum essay.

winning this referendum is strong. In addition, the Government also wanted to change the Australian constitution as they were viewed badly by overseas countries, so citizens were encouraged to vote ye ... of each; in this case only the ‘yes’ was printed out. This shows how much they want to change the constitution. The referendum took place on 27th may 1967. It read; do you approve the proposed law ...

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Role and Function of Law

t in any particular order, I will be discussing statutes, law classifications, types of courts, and constitutions. As you get to the end of this paper, it will show the hand and hand position of how t ... s something. It is almost like the requisites forms of legislation creating their own will. As with constitutions, these are documents that have been made by different parts of government that include ...

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legal syllabus

ased on its statue law and common law. In the middle 18th century absolute monarchy was replaced by constitutional monarchy. Parliament grew in size and importance throughout the century to become the ... the supreme law-maker. Parliament's authority to make law rests, not with the monarch, but with the constitution and the will of the people.Examine the hierarchy and jurisdiction of state and federal ...

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