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Basic concepts and example in entropy (physical chemistry)

and result formation of more order substances/compounds)Recrystalistaion:In order to dissolved the crystals in the solvent, energy is required to be put into system in the form of heat, (increasing t ... to system in the form of heat, (increasing the kinetic energy of the system to dissolved the impure crystals .As the kinetic energy of the system increased,( the molecules within the solvent absorbed ...

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Freezing point of Napthalene

will be used in the experiment.3. Fill the test tube to approximately 1/8 capacity with naphthalene crystals.4. Place the thermometer in the crystals so that it is surrounded by the naphthalenepowder ...

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Marie Curie

n the year of his marriage, but had already distinguished himself in the study of the properties of crystals. He discovered the phenomenon of piezoelectricity, whereby changes in the volume of certain ...

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The Classification and Formation of Crystals

IntroductionPurposeMy purpose of this experiment is to find out how crystals are formed and how they are classified. For a long time, I've been interested in crystals, ... d be perfect for me!CrystallographyThe study of the growth, shape, and geometric characteristics of crystals is called crystallography. When the conditions are right, each chemical element and compoun ... al element and compound can crystallize in a definite and characteristic form.Thirty-two classes of crystals are theoretically possible, almost all common minerals fall into one of about twelve classe ...

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Question: What are the 3 main kinds of rocks?

is the defining texture of volcanic rocks.Porphyritic texture is when you have well formed visible crystals imbedded in a fine-grained groundmass. It is a result of a 2-stage cooling history. Deep be ... ep below the surface, the molten rock can start to crystallize slowly so that some nice well-formed crystals grow. Then the molten rock and crystals are expelled from the volcano, and everything cryst ...

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An essay on Louis Pasteur

degree in 1845 as well as a Doctor of Science degree in 1847.My first important discovery was that crystals were structured differently based on the facets of the crystal being studied. They broke do ...

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Quantitative preparation of a salt and yield calculation.

ompared to the theoretical amount to give a % of the yield calculated. The then Copper(II) sulphate crystals are CuSO4.5H2O.Hypothesis:It is my opinion that the results we will receive from the experi ... ion until about 50% of the solution has evaporated.7. Leave to cool down and crystallize.8. Dry the crystals between fresh filter papers and when fully dry weigh the results.Result/Data collection:Amo ...

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IB Chemistry: Grade 12: Practical 1: Stoichiometry Quantitative Preparation of a Salt and Yield Calculation

This can then be compared with the theoretical amount, and % yield calculated. Copper (II) sulphate crystals are CuSO4.5H2O. Therefore, the reaction is:CuO + H2SO4 + 4H2O ® CuSO4.5H2O0.2 mol. 0.2 ... lution was then allowed to crystallize.Once crystallized, the solution was filtered to separate the crystals.The crystals were dried between fresh filter paper.The crystals were weighed on the scale.R ...

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This essay discusses natures symmetry found in plants, animals and minerals.

for example the snow flake. It has six sides and they are almost exact mirror images of each other. Crystals also often are very symmetrical. Plants and animals are symmetrical to a certain extent. An ...

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Report on Alumino Silcate: Sillimanite

o TranslucentLustre: Silky or VitreousSpecific Gravity: 3.2Streak: WhiteMohs Hardness: 7.5 in large crystalsMineral Cleavage: Perfect. Good in 1 direction lengthwiseOccurrence:Type of Rock: Aluminium- ...

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e:1. To determine the percent recovery from recrytalisation2. To determine the melting point of the crystals formed3. To purify a solid by recrystalisation.Apparatus:- Erlenmeyer flask- Filter paper- ... ed from the hot plate and allowed to cool.After 15 minutes, the flask was cooled in an ice bath.The crystals formed were collected by suction filtration using Buchner funnel.A wet filter paper was fit ...

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All About Louis Pasteur

on polarized light. Under a microscope in 1848, he discovered that there were two types of tartrate crystals which were mirror images of each other. This contradicted Mitscherlich who had observed onl ... ved only a single type of crystal. It was later found that Pasteur had serendipitously prepared his crystals in a particular way which would produce large crystals of both isomers. He separated the tw ...

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Soap of Your own

them in our big copper kettle. As they were heating on the stove, we added our lye, sprinkling the crystals on top of the cracklings. Then we added the water and started stirring it. We boiled this m ...

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Three Super Things I learned from SuperMan

What she did was simple but she was able to save millions because of that. Had she not thrown those crystals, Luthor would have been able to retaliate to superman. She has followed her heart but has a ... y people and many people inluence us. Luthor was able to replicate the crystal because he knew that crystals have the characteristics of the original crystals where it was drawn. People, in the same m ...

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Under What circumstances do Snow avalanches occur?

layers build up the pressure increases and air is squeezed out to form firn, however sometimes ice crystals grow and create voids in the snow, this creates weaknesses and thus avalanches can occur. F ...

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The other side of love

hild who sniffed loveAnd saw a beauty who addressed the lily as "you're highness"I saw love made of crystalsAnd a presence made of springWith the song of the canary and the maturity of the sunShining ...

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Ibuprofen Resolution

BEH2SO4Methylbenzyl AmineObservations and Data:Part BWeight of watch glass--- 28.563 gramsWeight of crystals and watch glass--- 31.047 gramsWeight of crystals--- 2.484 gramsPart CWeight of (+)-Ibuprof ...

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lphide Ammonium Hydroxide Sodium Sulphite Observations : Before After Tin (ii) Chloride small white crystals Produced a bad rotten egg smelled Distilled Water clear transparent liquid odour. Also a br ... mmonium Sulphide greeny, transparent liquid precipitate were formed. Tin (iv) Chloride small, white crystals Produces yellow liquid not Distilled Water same as above transparent with yellow precipitat ...

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Julie's Wings (Fiction)

the K Mart parking lot like ripples on a calm lake. The frost on Julie's car windshield looked like crystals in a Norman Rockwell painting.Her frostbitten fingers turned the key to her quaint home. Sh ...

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Sickle Cell

l anemia, under certain circumstances, the molecules of hemoglobin S stick together and form little crystals. The crystals gravitate to one side of the cell, which collapses the other side. The cells ...

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