The other side of love

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The anxiety of Orchids beam under the shadow of every fruit

For your eyes are the Eden of truth

And your glow shines on the hope of trees

With the painting of your voice, you refresh the heart of this

Dove, sitting and crying in the cage of freedom

In the pond of your dreams, no fish need existence

For there is no one as imprisoned by purity than you

By the breeze of your breath, let us conquer the world

And drink to the stars, and dance under the moon

I went to the other side of love

I climbed through the wet night of kindness in your hands

I saw a child who sniffed love

And saw a beauty who addressed the lily as "you're highness"

I saw love made of crystals

And a presence made of spring

With the song of the canary and the maturity of the sun

Shining on the waterfall within your eyes

The battle to conquer the sky of your beauty stars

For I have never found the sound of peace so deafening

And the angel of heavens, so real