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The Inferno

by the overpowering silence of the room. Words are mouthed, but not spoken. They do not exist. This cubicle of torment does not allow language, the embodiment of opposition. As I step into my room, I ...

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Disturbed and Disturbing- A Deadly Betrayal.

lently. Ten seconds later, the watching police officer alerted the nurses who in turn, ran into the cubicle. By legal standards, the police officer had mediated too soon because of her own anguish for ...

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Occupational Health Issues - Overachieving on the Job - STRESS

d highway with others rushing to meet the deadline time clock in the hallway outside of their boxed cubicle without losing our cool? After the above harried morning we are then expected to perform fla ...

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New year

Less than half an hour into the New Year and my only remaining party buddy was the toilet, second cubicle on the left. Happy bloody New Year I thought, just as I threw up for the fourth time already ...

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A concept for a 5-minute script.

y as is too angry to argue about it and tell him that they can talk over lunch. Bono sitting in his cubicle and playing solitaire; is visited by Tony, another employee at work and start talking. Tony ... itaire; is visited by Tony, another employee at work and start talking. Tony is leaning against the cubicle with a naughty smile and pokes Bono. Bono's secretary leans over and drops off some papers a ...

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Discuss the cultural development of Weimar Germany

architecture was mainly for the use of workers, but they despised it. The style of Bauhaus is very cubicle, with flat roof tops. It was to ignore middle-class materials and ways of building, resultin ...

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Literary Essay On The Red Dress

d Bolting, which shows, the reader that the narrator is maturing, and falling in love. The washroom cubicle, which shows the reader the development of the narrator's independence. Finally, the red dre ... enex, used as a symbol, shows the reader that, it shows the development of the narrator. The cubicle in the washroom plays an important role in the reader's understanding of the narrator's adol ...

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es have also changed due to the advent of the computer. A typical office in the 1950's consisted of cubicle type setups for clerks and secretaries, surrounded by rows of same-sized private offices. Th ...

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Creative writing task for Preliminary Extension English in HSC. Based on archetypal texts and the Gothic genre.

free days. The sound of the elevator brings him back to reality as he steps into the small mirrored cubicle.At the office, phones were ringing, the tap-tap-tap of keyboards emitted from every domain, ... he new violet bathroom lights. It was yet another day at TPG Investments, in one of the many 5 by 5 cubicles, like everyone else, Gary was wishing he was somewhere else. He sighed, looked up at his mo ...

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Film Analysis of The Lunch Date

r bags. When she returns, at first it appears they are gone but she finds that she was in the wrong cubicle and her meal is untouched.The Lunch Date utilises many different aspects of the film medium, ...

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