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Conduit - Technology versus Communication

~sKePtic~ : (Grins) Maybe, I try to entertain in more ways than one (smiles)neXus : You 2 married, cuz you sound like it...IMHO neXus : In my humble opinon, you sound like a married couple!Ann_Organa ...

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Character Analysis: Colonel Sherburn The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

ry one expected but did not fear what he would do. On man says, "I whisht old Boggs'd threaten me, 'cuz then I'd know I warn't gwyne to die for a thousan' year". (Twain143) This just goes to show that ...

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Dont you ever wonder what going on in our teenage minds? well here are some issues and problems that a teenage girl faces during her days....come and read her journal and see whatthis girl faces...

uy i noe, damn im not like that nice and looking good at all for him to be like this!! ah thats gay cuz im ugly adn to have a frekain guy cry over me well it makes me sad..ah damn im crying again sikk ... and i told him no that we need some space and yea! well in a way i think im stupid for saying this cuz like i really like him and stuff and he like me 2 but i dunno..gosh im weird i dont make scents! ...

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One of the most fascinating revolutions in American history has to be the e-mail revolution

e for many people, especially the pre-teen to teenager zone. Words like "LOL" (Laughing at Loud), " Cuz" ( Because), and other words that people are too lazy to write in full. These words, and the gra ...

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Poem of an Yeast Cell's Life

ng was the reason he was alive,On a YED plate, he will survive!At first a bud on his parent he was,'Cuz that's just the laws.Bob grows and grows and grows,'Til he's as big as his parent, I suppose.Dur ...

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Australian Identity in literature, Book: Paul Hogan, "Son of Oz", James Oram

think g'day mate, your gonna have to get used to playing footy without helmets, your gonna get wet cuz where surrounded by water, so come on over ill throw another's shrimp on the Barbie for ya.When ...

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How a Community helps the individual

o tutor students from grades two to ten in my mosque (either write more about this or take it out...cuz 1 line is not enough).Entering grade 11 opened gateways for more community service. I was nomina ...

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Sociology- Race, Class, And Gender

old wife 3 minuets ago or 3 days/30 years ago he might have sodomized his daughter but i sat there cuz the young men on the train might beat some young women later in the day of tomorrow i might not ...

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". He resoponded by saying "lets fight right here, I'll kick your ass" and I asked "why?". He said "cuz I don't like preps" and I said "I don't even know you, why would I wanna fight you". then he sai ...

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A Girl And Her Dad

to bring up my grades. I don't have that many problems with mike my ass whole ex boyfriend any more cuz I try to avoid him as much as possible. But like a month ago him hit me again and we went to the ...

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How To Smoke Weed Responcibly

because you can never tell who's an undercover these days. Also never go around flashing the bills 'cuz if people see a fool waving a waud of money they're gonna punk his ass.Nextly never ask a millio ... ud of money they're gonna punk his ass.Nextly never ask a million people to come and smoke a joint 'cuz then you're just wasting your money and your dope, if you're gonna smoke a sesion only go with l ...

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