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was educated at Oxford, from which he received hisBA in 1962, and Cambridge, where he received his doctorate in theoreticalphysics. Stephen Hawking is a brilliant and highly productive researcher, an ...

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Werner Heisenberg

luding Niels Bohr and Max Born. Like many of the top physicists of the time Heisenberg received his doctorate at an early age. In Heisenberg's case he received it at the young age of twenty three. Hei ...

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Chaim Potok

H.L. and a rabbinic ordination in 1954. Finally, he graduated the University of Pennsylvania with a doctorate in philosophy in 1965. Mr. Potok is married now since June 8, 1958, to Adena Sara Mosevitz ...

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Early and Later Writings of Karl Marx. Compares the classical works of Karl Marx and looks at some of his most well known theories. Includes works cited.

n 1818. His family was considered middle-class and his father was a lawyer. In 1841 he received his Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Berlin. After graduating, he began writing for the li ...

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incorperates ideas of what an accademic attitude is

s learning. The way a student approaches his education, whether he be in junior high or seeking his doctorate, is his academic attitude.The student should no longer be baby sat. She must think for her ...

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Albert E

ime without the benefit ofclose contact with scientific literature or colleagues. Einstein earned a doctorate from the Universityof Zurich in 1905. In 1908 he became a lecturer at the University of Be ...

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Marie Curie

equently gave birth to two daughters Irene(1897) and Eve(1904).Pierre Curie(1859-1906) obtained his doctorate in the year of his marriage, but had already distinguished himself in the study of the pro ... nde, laboriously isolating from it a fraction of a gram of radium.In 1903, Marie Curie obtained her doctorate for a thesis on radioactive substances, and with her husband and Henri Becquerel she won t ...

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Structuallism and its founder, Ferdinand de Saussure.

r named structualism. Saussure completed his education in Geneve, Leipzig, and Berlin obtaining his doctorate in 1800. He taught historical linguistics at Paris and became a professor of Indo-European ...

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Essay on the life of Paul Erdos

ry, but the Jewish Erdos won a national examination and so was allowed to enter in 1930. He got his doctorate in 1934, but was forced to leave Hungary not long after because he was Jewish. He went to ...

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The Life of Max Planck.

odern society today! After completing college at age 21, he received the highest degree possible, a doctorate. He studied thermodynamics, a part of physics that fascinated him. He was most interested ...

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti a 1950's revolutionary poet.

d a BA from the University of North Carolina (1941), an MA from Columbia University (1948), and the Doctorate from the University Sorbonne in Paris (1950). He himself became a part of the metropolitan ...

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Franz Kafka.

was German, so Franz attended German grammar school and later the German Gymnasium. He finished his Doctorate of Law in Prague, studying at the German Language University. He initially gained employme ...

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Biography of Albert Einstein

n. He was an examiner at a patent office in 1902-1909. While working as an examiner he obtained his doctorate at the University of Zurich in 1905, evolved the special theory of relativity, explained t ...

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Short biography IVAN PAVLOV.

here he studied chemistry, pharmacology, and most importantly, for him, physiology and received his doctorate in 1879 (Girogian). He continued his studies and began doing his own research in topics th ...

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Martin Luther King Jr.

ty apparent in high ecclesiastical places.Upon his return he completed the work for his theological doctorate and became a professor at Wittenberg. This period was the beginning of the intimacy betwee ...

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The Philosophy of Change

sure that the world is ever-changing. My father, in addition to being a writer and author, he has a doctorate in philosophy(love of wisdom-Greek "philo" means love, and " sophio" means wisdom). He has ...

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Alla Sheffer

complete a Master's degree with honours and a PhD in Computer Science. Sheffer's completion of her doctorate in 1999 was then followed by a brief foray to the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champai ...

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Woodrwo Wilson-In first person

ted at Princeton University followed by the University of Virginia Law School and finally awarded a doctorate in political science from Johns Hopkins University in 1886. From 1902 to 1910 I held the p ...

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Albert Einstein and his discoverys

as a teacher of math and physics from the ETH in Zurich but couldn't find a job. In 1905 he got his doctorate and wrote the thesis "on a new determination of molecular dimensions."In March 1905 he cam ...

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John Calvin. This essay tells about the Calvinist Faith and how it was formed. It tells about about John Calvin and why he formed this faith.

at career. With his father died in May of 1931, Calvin was freeto make his choice. He completed his doctorate in law but then came tostudy Greek and Latin and the University of Paris. Calvin's life th ...

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