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¿Que Pasa con FARC?

¿Que Pasa con FARC? En el mundo hoy, hay muchos grupos y organizaciones que ganan con las guerras de drogas. Tamb ... n el negocio de terrorismo. Uno de estos grupos es las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC.) Establecido en el país de Colombia en 1964 como el ala militar del Partido Comunista Colomb ... stablecido en el país de Colombia en 1964 como el ala militar del Partido Comunista Colombiano, el FARC es el grupo más viejo, más grande, y el grupo Marxista más oído de Colombia. "El FARC es go ...

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Response to the 2002 Washington Post article by Glenn Kessler, "Powell Pledges More Support For Colombia's Anti-Rebel War" Very opinion oriented.

othing to sell this year, and his family is going to starve. Unless, as he is told by Joe the local FARC man, he plants oh just a few coca plants. Now, instead of growing coffee or rutabagas, Pete pla ...

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Colombia, history and general information

d Oil but the Colombian economy suffers from the decrease in Coffee harvests. They are oppressed by FARC and related terrorist forces that Colombia's Army, Navy, and Air Force into constant alert. The ... nd a solution was dragged out. It is ridiculous; to think that drug cartels and major factions like FARC impose TAX on their own citizens to produce Opium. I find that ludicrous and wondered why a sol ...

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Terrorist Or Freedom Fighter

because the Irish government won't fight for them. Another group considered to be terrorists is the FARC in Colombia. The FARC is a group that uses terror to stop the selling and use of drugs in Colom ... Colombia. Colombia's government does not want to get involved with the drug lords in the country so FARC feels it is there duty to solve this problem. Al Qaida, the terrorist group responsible for Sep ...

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rtions, a key element in all his works, and the image of the leader of the Colombian guerrilla, the FARC. Manuel Marulanda - Tiro Fijo was painted in 1999 and is exhibited in the Colombian Library Lui ... nd drawings.In Manuel Marulanda- Tiro Fijo, Fernando Botero depicts the portrait of the head of the FARC, he even paints the military attire and the handkerchief Manuel Marulanda always had lying on o ...

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Chiquita Case Study

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