Terrorist Or Freedom Fighter

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Terrorist or freedom fighter

Terrorism is becoming more and more frequent in the world today. Attacks on countries are increasing every year. Nations around the world impose new bills and laws on a weekly basis trying to prevent terrorist attacks on there countries. People say that terrorists are cowards, evil, and out for destruction. Is this what terrorists are? There is another view on terrorists, the view most people don't think about, that terrorists are freedom fighters.

Freedom fighters fight for freedom from political bonds and government reform. America's freedom fighters fought long ago so that America could be free from the control of the British. Americans were fighting for there independence, for a way out of the abundant laws and taxes imposed upon them by the British. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and many others were freedom fighters that helped give Americans the freedoms they have today. Should terrorists be condemned for trying to cause political change like the Americans did so long ago?

Political change is what terrorists are after.

Americans don't seem to realize how little freedom other countries have. People in most other countries don't have the option of writing to a senator or governor asking for a change. They don't even have a voice in the government the majority of the time. The IRA, a terrorist group in Ireland, uses terrorism to try and remove the British from Northern Ireland. The IRA fights the British because the Irish government won't fight for them. Another group considered to be terrorists is the FARC in Colombia. The FARC is a group that uses terror to stop the selling and use of drugs in Colombia. Colombia's government does not want to get involved with the drug lords in the country so FARC feels it...