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Detection of biological molecules. Lab work.

s. Forexample, an amino group is present in amino acids, and a carboxyl group can always befound in fatty acids. The groups can be separated into two more categories, the polar,hydrophilic, and the no ... can be separated into two more categories, the polar,hydrophilic, and the nonpolar, hydrophobic. A fatty acid is nonpolar, hence it doesn't mixwith water. Molecules of a certain class have similar ch ...

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Abstract: Characterization of Serum Lipoprotein Profiles of Healthy, Adult Cats and Idiopathic Feline Hepatic Lipidosis Patients

controlled condition were not feasible, serum lipid and lipoprotein fractions, NEFA (nonesterified fatty acids) and B-hydroxybutyrate concentrations were determined in healthy, adult neutered male an ... yceride - Storage fats of animal adipose tissue where they are largely glycerol esters of saturated fatty acids.Lipoprotein - An important class of serum proteins in which a spherical hydrophobic core ...

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he role of the mitochondria is very important in respiration.In the presence of oxygen, pyruvate or fatty acids, can be further oxidized in the mitochondria. Each mitochondrion is enclosed by two memb ... related processes to produce the ATP required to perform cellular work.(Campbell 182-9)Pyruvate, or fatty acids from the breakdown of triglycerides or phospholipids, pass easily through pores in the o ...

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Breast Milk: The Only Food That Baby Needs. This paper describes why breast feeding is most beneficial to a baby and the mother as well.

east milk to be more easily digested than cow's milk. "Human milk contains just the right amount of fatty acids, lactose, water, and amino acids for human digestion, brain development, and growth." (B ... on due to lower levels of calcium, phosphorous, protein, sodium, and potassium than cow's milk. The fatty acids in breast milk help brain development and vision as well.Another benefit to the baby is ...

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Breast feeding.

ration due to lower levels of calcium, phosphorous, protein, sodium, and potassium than cow's milk. Fatty acids help brain development and vision. Breast milk is also easier to digest than cow's milk. ... and minerals, such as protein than mature milk. It is also slightly lower in fat, yet is richer in fatty acids.However, bottle-feeding does keep the baby full for a longer period of time. This is due ...

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Compare the Circulatory system and the Lymphatic system.

remove their waste substances. Tissue fluid is an aqueous solution containing glucose, amino acids, fatty acids, inorganic ions, oxygen and hormones, which diffuse into the tissue cells to carry out t ...

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Structure and properties of Biological membranes.

he property of fluidity as the phospholipids can diffuse freely laterally and flow past each other. Fatty acids in the membrane can lower melting point which will increase the fluidity of the membrane ...

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An Investigating into Fitness, Diet, Obesity and Exercise (in Britain).

y problem in Britain.Secondary ResearchA major factor in a healthy diet is fat. Fats are made up of fatty acids and glycerol. Fats are normally described as saturated or unsaturated, depending on the ... rmally described as saturated or unsaturated, depending on the proportion of the different types of fatty acids they contain.Fats, at room temperature, are called oils. When fats absorb oxygen they sp ...

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Excersise physiology - energy systems explained, eg lactic acid etc

gen SystemFirstly uses glucose from either muscle tissue or from the liver and secondly breaks down fatty acids. The main fuel is glucose.What is A.T.PThe Energy for muscle contraction which comes fro ...

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The Effect Of Temperature On a Cell Membrane's Permeability

rides, so called because they have one molecule of glycerol chemically linked to three molecules of fatty acids. The majority belong to one subgroup of triglycerides known as phospholipids.Despite the ...

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The digestive system of the horse

uch as hay, grass and corn etc, into simple substances such as carbohydrate, protein (amino acids), fatty acids, etc, which can be used by the body for energy, storage or body building processes. The ...

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. It order to make it proper for use, it must go through a production process which takes out extra fatty acids and turns the oil into esters, which are certain chemical compounds. After this process, ...

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Catalase essay

cell organelle called the peroxisome. Peroxisomes in animal cells are involved in the oxidation of fatty acids, and the synthesis of cholesterol and bile acids. Hydrogen peroxide is a byproduct of fa ...

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Heavily summarised notes for biological molecules (lipids) personally summarised

.- If it is in the lipid state at 20oC, it is an oil.II. TYPES OF LIPIDS1. Simple lipids- Esters of fatty acids with various alcohol.- Fats - esters of fatty acids with glycerol (e.g. triglyceride)- W ... various alcohol.- Fats - esters of fatty acids with glycerol (e.g. triglyceride)- Waxes - esters of fatty acids with complex alcohol.2. Compound lipids- Lipid + non-lipid components.- E.g. Phospholipi ...

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Breast Milk Or Baby Formula?

e many reasons why breast milk is the best choice for infants. It contains just the right amount of fatty acids, lactose, water and amino acids that are necessary for proper human digestion, brain dev ...

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Biology AT1 'rate Of Reaction' Planing And Obtaining

cidic conditions however (amylase being highly acidic) it can break down biological substances into fatty acids and in this case maltose.The factors that effect enzymes are- *temperature: Increasing t ...

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Maintaining a Balance

e, kangaroos, sheep, etc., consume lots of cellulose.cellulosecellulose glucosefats (lipids) lipase fatty acids + glycerolprotein protease amino acidsTheir role in metabolism: metabolism is the sum of ... rbonate ions.Lipids: Lipids are triglycerides.During digestion of lipids, they are broken down into fatty acids and glycerol.The epithelium cells lining the walls of the small intestine, re-synthesis ...

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Lorenzo's Oil

le carries a genetic trait passed down from generations. ALD affects the dietary system and the way fatty acids are broken down. Lorenzo is an average kid and becomes deathly ill over a short amount o ... e world come up with and oil that keeps on part of the body working and the other breaking down the fatty acids. While they came up with this concoction, Lorenzo's body could not even help him swallow ...

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Problem How is the presence of carbohydrates, proteins and fats

gg-white mixture, it turned a purple color. Fats are a group of substances formed by the joining of fatty acids with glycerin. They serve as a source of energy to the body and contribute to the format ...

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rophy [ALD]. This is caused when an enzyme in the body responsible for breaking down long chains of fatty acids doesn’t work well [Metabolism gene]. Since there is too many saturated fats the bod ... s between the ages of 4-8, they also now that it is due to the body containing excessive amounts of fatty acids. Some of the symptoms seen in the movie are:·Blindness·Deaf·Dementi ...

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