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The Woman Behind Fision: An Abridged Biography of Lise Meitner

ientific inclination. She had a "marked bent" for mathematics as well, and adopted Madame Curie and Florence Nightingale as her heroines. The shy, quiet, young woman convinced her father to let her st ...

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Do you agree with the view that the argument over the principle of women's enfranchisement had been won by the time the Pankhursts joined the campaign for female suffrage?

in 1903. Women's suffrage also failed to gain support from leading women such as Queen Victoria and Florence Nightingale and leading socialist Beatrice Webb, who argued that women's suffrage, although ...

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Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale lived in a wealthy London house. She was home-schooled by her father. He taught ... taught her mathematics, philosophy, history and many languages (German, Italian, French and Latin). Florence was very social when she was young; she was always going out to parties and balls. When she ... family that she wished to become a nurse, her mother was horrified, and refused to accept the idea. Florence obeyed her mother for sixteen years - but kept up her interest in medicine. In 1850 she did ...

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Nursing Heritage notes Florence Nightingale and Jean Watson short summary

The nursing pioneer I chose was Florence Nightingale. I felt I could relate most to her with my experience in a hospital setting. Wh ...

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What is Nursing? with quotes from Florence Nightingale (APA Format)

Running head: WHAT IS NURSING?What is nursing?Florence Nightingale once said, "You ask me why I do not write something... I think one's feelings w ... traditional hospital surroundings and communicate with diverse populations in a certain community. Florence Nightingale is a great example of a community nurse. Florence Nightingale was known for her ... known for her sensitivity and compassion towards her patients as well as to the nursing profession. Florence took it upon herself, despite her strict Victorian culture to go out into her community and ...

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Florence Nightingale: Her life and dedication

Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy, May of 1820 and was named after this city. She was ... 820 and was named after this city. She was home schooled by her father, a highly educated man. Both Florence's parents were wealthy and loved to travel.Although Florence's family wanted her to marry, ... or her. She had many callings from God, her first being when she was 17. In 1843, a man who tutored Florence asked her to marry him. She turned him down then and two years later, turned him down again ...

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Cardiac and Respiratory Alternative/Complementary Therapy

tic approach to care. The holistic approach, to care, focuses on the mind-body-spirit relationship. Florence Nightingale believed that "...nursing is putting us in the best possible conditions for Nat ...

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A letter to Mary Seacole

t it you just did what you had come to do. All through the war you stayed at the front line, unlike Florence Nightingale who only did twice, you were a true hero in history and you are not appreciated ... enough.You invented your own medicines and treated people with love, not just pillow and a warm bed.Florence was meant to be a hero, and she was but she wasn't in with the action as much as she makes ...

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Name 5 (or so) important events in the history of medicine in the last 150 years.

ts were as likely to die as to be cured. Yet the work of one woman brought about a dramatic change. Florence Nightingale was born to a wealthy family in 1820. But she did not want to lead an idle, poi ... htingale School for Nurses in London. Soon, all nurses were highly qualified. By her death in 1910, Florence Nightingale had created a revolution in hospital care. At last, nurses and patients were tr ...

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Historical Events in Nursing Development and Nursing Utilization

al events in the history of nursing development and nursing utilization. Such examples of this are: Florence Nightingale's contribution; development of the first Masters Degree Program; Agency for Hea ... ical practice guidelines by the AHCPR (Burns & Grove, 2003, p. 10).Events in Nursing DevelopmentFlorence Nightingale's contribution of researching the importance of providing for cleanliness, wate ...

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Clinical audit

or improving the standard of clinical practice. One of first ever clinical audits was undertaken by Florence Nightingale during the Crimean War of 1853-1855. Clinical audit was incorporated within Cli ...

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Faith Community Hospital

ls, and faith-based decisions for the nurses.Graduating nurses sometimes take a pledge known as The Florence Nightingale Pledge or the Hippocratic Oath. One version of the pledge is recited at the gra ... rg/​website/​browse.asp?page=382Everything Guide to Careers in Health Care. (2006). The Florence Nightingale Pledge (Version 1) [Data File]. Available from http:/​/​nursing.abo ...

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utonomy in practice, and being recognized by the government with licensure"(Pinkerton, 2001,p.130)."Florence Nightingale first began professional education for nurses in 1860"(Encarta,2000¶3). Cu ...

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Florence nightingale 2

Florence Nightingale helped make hospitals cleaner and more efficient, she helped make nursing an im ... t would be--if it wasn't for a woman pioneer set out to improve hospital conditions. That woman was Florence Nightingale.Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820, in Florence, Italy. She was name ... in Florence, Italy. She was named after the city that she was born in. Her mother loved gaiety, and Florence, Italy had the reputation of being the gayest city in Europe. Florence had a sister named P ...

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Lytton Strachey's excerpt on Florence Nightingale

Lytton Strachey's excerpt depicts the popular misconceptions and the actual reality of who Florence Nightingale was. Strachey's euphemism of calling Nightingale "the Lady with the Lamp" as op ... rgone apotheosis causing the story to become an epic one.By living in the era of the Victorian age, Florence Nightingale's story is an even more honorable one. This period came with the discrimination ...

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Nightingale and the Men

In Florence Nightingale's Cassandra she presents a unique view of a "bored woman" in the 1800s. Her wri ...

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Key Historical Developments in Nursing Research

been numerous events on the time line of historical research in nursing. The time line begins with Florence Nightingale and her contribution to nursing research and nursing research utilization. This ... ng research that this writer feels have had the most influential contributions to nursing research, Florence Nightingale, the American Nurses Association, nursing research journal publications, resear ...

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Key Historical Events In Nursing Research And Development

Florence Nightingale's contribution of researching the importance of providing for cleanliness, wate ...

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Peer Interviews: Is Research Important

pt in nursing. Much of what nurses do is based on previous practice or tradition. Since the days of Florence Nightingale, nurses have applied and conducted research in their practices. Many of the int ...

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Working with Values and Beliefs when Providing Patient Care: My Nursing philosophy

n the skills and technology they rely on to achieve each patient's optimal health ("Nursing", n.d.).Florence Nightingale became a nurse because she wanted to help those less fortunate. Her compassion ... lth.In conclusion, I think that L.E. Gretter summed the philosophy of nursing up when she wrote The Florence Nightingale Pledge. It goes as follows:I solemnly pledge myself before God and the presence ...

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