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Gang Activity

nd fifty percent (Strout, Brian 1996). This sharp increase is largely due to the rapid formation of gang activity throughout the United States (Strout, Brian, 1996). In today's larger cities, gang vio ... ). In today's larger cities, gang violence is a reality that people have to deal with every day. As gang related crimes increase, officials are trying to find out why people join and remain loyal to g ...

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Debate Brief

IntroductionI. -A Los Angeles family takes a wrong turn into gang territory and is fired upon. A 3-year-old is killed and her 2-year-old brother wounded.-A Chine ... led and her 2-year-old brother wounded.-A Chinese immigrant in Brooklyn is kidnapped by a Chinatown gang which demands ransompayments from her family. She is murdered when the family fails to pay.-Two ... o FBI agents and a police sergeant are murdered inside the Washington, D.C. policeheadquarters by a gang member.-A Pittsburgh police sergeant walking home with his daughter is killed with his own gun ...

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Until there's an answer (essay on gang violence)

Gang related incidents have been a chronic problem throughout the United States for severalyears now ... m throughout the United States for severalyears now. Los Angeles, perhaps the area most troubled by gang violence in the country, is once again inthe news. On September 17, 1995, 3-year-old Stephanie ... -oldJoseph Kuhen when the driver of the car taking them home made a wrong turn early Sunday morning.Gang members surrounded the vehicle, blocked the driver's escape and opened fire. Stephanie Kuhen wa ...

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How juveniles should be tried as adults.

and serve longer sentences as befits those crimes. Even though Proposition 21 was created to reduce gang related violence, the court system does not resist using it against non gang related cases. Som ...

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Body Art

ffects of tatttoos, people still get them.People get tattoos for several reasons like looking cool, gang-related, sorority and fraternity's, tribal reasons, or just getting something to symbolize love ... , cheaper, and more convient for them to just have someone off the street, across town, or in their gang do it rather than driving to a place that is professional in another state; because tattooing i ...

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Book Report for "With No One As Witness" by Elizabeth George.

the previous victims had been either African American or of mixed race and had been written off as gang-related killings. This latest victim, however, is white and is inviting a whole lot of interest ...

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Insane Clown Posse

nsane Clown posse It all started in Detriot Michigan, when these two guys wanted to start a gang. One was named Joseph Bruce(Violent J) and the other was Joseph Utsler(Shaggy 2 Dope). They sta ... named Joseph Bruce(Violent J) and the other was Joseph Utsler(Shaggy 2 Dope). They started a street gang called "Inmner City Posse." Inner city started to rap and they came out with an independant rec ...

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Juvenile Crimes

rimes. Studies show that juvenile crimes are on the rise. Studies show that kids who seek solace in gang activity and crime are usually abused or who have been ill-treated. There is also a percentage ... roup. A number of laws such as proposition 21 are being contested to save communities from juvenile gangs. One of the annual reports of a California officer said, Gangs and juvenile crime plague Calif ...

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S.E. Hinton The Outsiders

three brothers. They live by themselves and are called greasers. They live in a place which is very gang related, they get into fights non-stop since they are greasers. Johnny and ponyboy are best fri ...

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Crime Rates In Saskatoon Out Of Hand

ch as: break and enters, damaged property, spray paintings, etc. The majorities of these crimes are gang-related, and are getting worse. The reported cause of the other 52% of crimes has been attribut ... se. The reported cause of the other 52% of crimes has been attributed to drug related turf disputes.Gang members are known to say that they joined the gang so they could feel like they have family, ye ...

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Stereotyping, Discrimination and Prejudice in the Media

d. Many students went to boot camps, or jail for youths, and lost a lot of their friends because of gang related activities. In addition to this, in the movie it was mentioned that in Long Beach, the ...

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Body Art in the Extreme

ttoos and see them as something "bad." Certain parents are narrow minded, because they view them as gang related, devilish behavior or eccentric conduct. Certain tattoos can also give you a bad reputa ... ve you a bad reputation. Such as, having a skull can make adults think that you are part of a biker gang or having certain symbols would associate you with a gang. If you don't get your parent's conse ...

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ies often develop this behaviour from childhood. If the family was under the influence of drugs and gang related things, then it is common for a bully to have these kinds of characteristics.Categorize ...

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