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Genetic Testing and Genetic Screening

Genetic testing and genetic screening is getting more advanced as new technology arrives. This techn ... nown. In this essay there will be discusses on, how genes work, the advantages and disadvantages of genetic testing, example of genetic disorder and how ethical and morally right is it.Genetics is the ... ow ethical and morally right is it.Genetics is the study of inheritance. To understand the basic of genetic testing and genetic screening we will take a look at human characteristics that are passed d ...

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Ethical Considerations of Genetic Testing in the Workplace

Susan GustafsonBusiness EthicsProfessor Mark Matthews, Ph.D.April 6, 2004Ethical Considerations of Genetic Testing in the WorkplaceThe use of genetic testing is on the rise in the American workplace. ... cations that surround it.Are there circumstances that exist in the work environment that would make genetic screening necessary or even mandatory? Who should and will have access to the test results? ...

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Genetic Engineering

Genetic EngineeringIn today's world, people are learning a great deal in the rapidly growing fields ... of many people recently is what us, as human beings, will be able to do through the development of genetic engineering. Many people are wondering if the manipulation of human cells is morally wrong t ... ation of human cells is morally wrong to the laws of nature or religion, especially in childbirth. "Genetic testing and gene therapy are at the forefront of medicine's future, according to experts in ...

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Fragile X

ren are mildly to moderately affected. There may or may not be other known affected family members. Genetic testing has changed the approach to the diagnosis of the condition because there is now a re ... terventional strategies. Detection of carriers allows families to make informed decisions following genetic counselling.IncidenceEstimates suggest about 1 in 4,000 males are affected and that about 1 ...

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A Legal Analysis of Genetic Screening

A Legal Analysis of Genetic ScreeningGenetic screening as a part of the employment screening process is very controversi ... minate against potential employees. Considering the hiring process is very subjective, opponents of genetic testing strongly believe that potential hires are open to discriminatory hiring practices wi ... potential hires are open to discriminatory hiring practices with genetic testing. The opponents of genetic testing maintain that employees are open to biases such as genetic disorders that are found ...

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Case Study: European Union and Genetic Testing

SituationThe European Union faces the dual challenge of developing adequate standards for genetic testing while bridging national, social, and linguistic differences. Accordingly, the best d ... ational policies differ widely on areas such as requirements for laboratory accreditation, clinical genetic requirements, and novel genetic test evaluation. Given the number and diversity of countries ...

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The Ethics of Genetic Engineering and "Designer Babies"

human health and progress while protecting free will, the rights of parents and children to be born.Genetic engineering and "designer babies"--embryos which are genetically altered so that they are bo ... e suggested that bioengineering isplaying God, and many people have even gone so far as to say that genetic screening ofembryos 'takes away the gift of life'. Most world religions believe that childbi ...

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Often scientific projects become embroiled in controversy. Discuss with reference to fairly recent examples.

buted and favoured such value.One of the fastest-growing branches of research in medical science is genetic engineering. Its aim is to try to find out our genetic disposition to disease and other phys ... ut our genetic disposition to disease and other physical problems. This is done by testing our DNA. Genetic testing is a scientific area which is giving rise to serious controversies of an ethical nat ...

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Fragile X Syndrome

Fragile X syndrome is the most common genetically inherited form of mental retardation currently known. In addition to intellectual disabi ... range from mild learning disability and hyperactivity to severe mental retardation and autism. This genetic syndrome is caused by an expansion of repeating segment of FMR-1 gene on X chromosome. Becau ... of repeating segment of FMR-1 gene on X chromosome. Because of scientific advances, improvements in genetic testing, and increased awareness, the number of children diagnosed with Fragile X has increa ...

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Genetic Screening in the Work Place

ase goes as follows.The CaseIn 2000, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Company began secret genetic testing of some of its workers. The workers had sought worker's compensation and medical att ... al-tunnel syndrome. The workers claimed that they had not given consent nor did they know about the genetic tests. One worker alleged that he was threatened with losing his job if he did not comply wi ...

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tion.b. Carol's daughter is under the same risks as her mother and should be given the same advice. Genetic testing would be advised for her future husband to clarify if he also is a carrier.c. It's p ... me is a chromosomal abnormality which is inherited as X-linked recessive. We also know that it is a genetic defect caused by excessive repetitions of the CGG triplet that expands with each generation ...

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Fetal alcohol syndrome

some of the symptoms are present, and possibly not as visible. This disorder cannot be detected by genetic testing because the damage is done after the baby is born.It is not known how much a pregnan ...

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Genetic Testing

When asked the question of whether or not I would consider undergoing genetic testing for knowledge of susceptibility to future genetic diseases, I have mixed feelings. I ... enetic diseases, I have mixed feelings. I feel that there are definitely some beneficial factors to genetic testing. One benefit of genetic testing would be knowing if you were going to be prone to a ... be able to live a lifestyle that would help prevent acquiring a certain ailment. Another benefit of genetic testing would be knowing if your gene?s carried a life threatening disease that could be pas ...

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What is The Human Genome Project?

research effort called the Human Genome Project. The research will allow doctors to correct genetic disorders before children are born, eliminate the often-fatal problems associated with babie ... nce companies, and governments are looking to save money on future policyholders through the use of genetic testing. "Good science can only happen with good scientists. Yet some early critics h ...

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The Ethical Nature of Genetic Screening in Humans

The prospect of genetic screening of individuals and populations is a relatively new opportunity to our society, and ... mation by corporations and even family members, to psychological implications of knowing one's own "genetic future." These uncertainties lead many people to question whether genetic screening of human ... r genetic screening of human beings should be allowed. Despite the possible perils, the benefits of genetic screening can be equally weighty. Genetic screening may detect diseases in a treatable or ev ...

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Employee Privacy Rights in the Workplace

technology and researches over the last few years have led to amazing advances in the detection of genetic diseases and conditions. Like with many ground breaking discoveries, there are concerns abou ... , there are concerns about how the technologies will be used. A major concern is the application of genetic testing in the workplace. Genetic testing in the workplace could be a vital tool for reducin ...

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Dna Sequencing Of Cancer Genes

Algorithm for finding strong feature gene sets �12B. Parallel Solution �12C.Molecular Genetics �13D. Molecular Epigenetics �14Quality Assurance and Standards �141. R ... e and Confidentiality �173. International Co-Operation �184. Government Regulation of Genetic Testing �19Knowledge Repositories �191. National Institute of Health �2 ...

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Discrimination of the Ainu in Japan

rrent races.�These theories were mostly based on the physical appearance of the Ainu because genetic testing was not available. More recent studies, using genetic testing, show that the Ainu ha ...

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Genetic Screening what are its uses, advantages, disadvantages and ethical issues

ty. It is made up of two words, bio and technology. It is a biological process for purposes such as genetics manipulation of microorganism. It basically means using living things such as cells to crea ... using living things such as cells to create products. It is used in agriculture, medicine, food and genetics screening.Genetic ScreeningGenetic Screening is basically a test that is carried out on the ...

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Stem Cell Research

perfections may have a purpose. If science gives usthe ability to "cure" people who carry different genetic traits, than why not? Unlike me, manyother people will disagree. They might say that scienti ... should use new knowledge totreat individuals who have fallen ill, even by repairing an individuals genetic flaws. But letting anychanges to the genetic code be passed on to future generations could h ...

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