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The Chisholm Trail

Chisholm TrailWhen the railroads moved west to the Great Plains, the 'Cattle Boom' began. Southern Texas became a major ranching area with the raising ... med the open range. At this time, people in the north had money to buy beef and cattle which was in great demand. A cow that cost 4 to5 dollars a head in Texas was going for 40 to 50 dollars a head in ... to 50 dollars a head in the east. Ranchers hired cowboys for the cattle drives north, realizing the great opportunity for a large profit if they could reach the railroads in Abilene, Kansas.Joseph McC ...

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rrow coastal plains in the West and East. Much of Mexico's Central Plateau is a continuation of the great plains through the southwestern United States. The highest point in all of Mexico is Mount Onz ...

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the state of Montana

erent physical and economic area. The Rocky Mountains in the west supply lumber and metal ores, the Great Plains in the East produce petroleum(gasoline), coal and an assortment of agriculture products ... impossible to get to. This is probably the most inaccessible part of the whole country. Much of the Great Plains in Montana has a high elevation full of rolling hills and valleys, but a lot of this ar ...

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"O Pioneers" by Willa Cather

short tale, O Pioneers, written by Willa Cather in 1913, tellsa tale of the oncoming future of the Great Plains. Although this tale tells about the greatfortune of the plains, it forgets to mention t ... illa Cather died on April 24, 1947in New York City as a celebrated person and a talented author.The Great Plains, America's largest openland frontier, may be defined as the regionbetween the 98th meri ...

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This essay analyzes how the geography in India and Egypt are relative to their development.

ed by about 950 million people. The country consists of three main physical divisions. They are the Great Mountains of the North, the Great Plains of Northern India and the Great Plateau of Peninsular ...

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"The Migrant Workers of the Dirty Thirties", compares "Of Mice and Men" and "The Grapes of Wrath" both by John Steinbeck, with true migrant workers of that time.

arket crash of 1929 and the droughts and dust storms that dominated the next ten years, life in the Great Plains region of the United States was miserable. Many families packed up as many belongings a ... kers during the 1930s were work and survival, looking out for one another, and dreams.Surviving the Great Depression was a major concern for people all over North America, and the people of the Great ...

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The culture of the Cheyenne Indians of the American Great Plains.

e 112) was a key to sustaining the lifestyle and culture of the Cheyenne people. The climate on the Great Plains differed from season to season, with food and resources, such as crops, being plentiful ... yenne male is strong, brave, and holds leadership qualities seen by the entire tribe. He would be a great horseman, bowman, and warrior, leading many raids and war parties. An ideal Cheyenne would def ...

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The Indian chief Kamiakin

es, and nuts.Chief Kamiakin grew up in central Washington but later traveled with his family to the Great Plains. While living there, Kamiakin became a skilled warrior and buffalo hunter. He was consi ...

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Western Movement and Railroads. This essay is about western settlement and how the railroads turned out to be better agents of migration than many government homesteading organizations.

e West and manage a farm. "Fewer still understood the new type of agriculture" (Blum, 453) that the Great Plains required. Instead, speculators and corporate interests were able to reap in profits, an ... special passenger rates, and farming support for future Western settlers. The motivated head of the Great Northern Railway, James J. Hill, planned and directed the settlement of thousands of settlers ...

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America's Movement Westward.

thought that the country beyond the Mississippi River was unfit for civilization. Consequently, the Great Plains region became known as "The Great American Desert." Americans first moved west of the M ... stward. The railroad was becoming increasingly important as a means of moving people and goods over great distances. Railroads provided for direct routes, greater speed, greater safety, and more comfo ...

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Hog Farms and How They Affect The People of the Great Plains Region.

Word count (2,012)Hog Farms and How They Affect The People of the Great Plains RegionLarge hog farming corporations caused many controversial arguments in recent year ... n large quantities, as the corporations are able to do. When large hog farms are built they produce great amounts of manure that pollute the water supply and the air that is around them. The odor that ... ed hog farms? The reason is relatively simple; the large hog farms are able to raise hogs in such a great quantity that they can sell them at significantly lower prices. . "As corporate farming has gr ...

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The Dust Bowl: Could We Face It Again.

e It AgainThe Dust Bowl was a very tragic event for many thousands of Americans. Many people in the Great Plains region were faced with some of the hardest challenges in their life. A lot of families ... ing, the cloud looked death-like black and through our mighty nation it left a dreadful track" (The Great Dust Storm). The severity of the Dust Bowl was not due to any single factor. During the 1930's ...

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The Great Plains and the history of the Froniter.

The Great PlainsDo you need a paper about Great Plains History? This paper by two well known authors sho ... son Turner were two of the most influential men to explain in detail the history of Frontier of the Great Plains. Webb and Turner differ in their interpretation of the how the Frontier movement began. ... eturned home where he became interested in local and regional history. Webb wrote three books, "The Great Plains", "Divided We Stand", and "The Great Frontier" in 1931, 1937, and 1952 respectively. Wa ...

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The Great Awakening.

a)3.Sierra Nevada (eastern Cal.)4.Cascade (Oregon and Washington)5.Brooks (northern Alaska)oPlains: Great Plains and the central Plains are located in the Midwest and are large areas of level landoMaj ... tral Plains are located in the Midwest and are large areas of level landoMajor Water Features:1.The Great Lakes (Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, and Lake superior)2.The St. Lawrenc ...

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A brief history on Wyoming State- also includes valuable facts.

meadows. The state lies about midway between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean. Here the Great Plains covering the eastern part of the state merge with the towering Rocky Mountains. The mas ... e, named in honor of Wyoming's first state governor. These forts served to protect emigrants in the great migration west on the California, Mormon, Oregon, and Bozeman trails. The Continental Divide, ...

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Uncommon Luxury: A Comparison between Jim's family in My Antonia with the typical plains family

longer than others. In My Antonia by Willa Cather, Antonia Shimerda and her family had come to the Great Plains of Nebraska from Bohemia, but Jim and his grandparents were some of the few that did no ... he time, being the late 1800's, were similar to the Shimerdas, being recent to the area from places great distances away. They were new to farm life and it consumed the time and efforts of every membe ...

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Causes of The Dust Bowl

crises that occurred in the United States was the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl began shortly after the Great Depression began in 1929 and lasted throughout the 1930's. It affected everyone, farmers and c ... d occurred in 1934, the third in 1936, and the last period of drought lasted from 1939 to 1940. The Great Plains had experienced periods of drought before and no major problems had occurred, so the ma ...

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"America the Beautiful". The short and long term effects of The Dust Bowl of the 1930's on the U.S.

Before the 1930's as the rain fell steadily, farmers in the Great Plains were planting and harvesting abundant crops. They had no idea of the damage being done ... a series of droughts that affected mostly the southern Plains. Strong winds carried dust across the Great Plains and filled the air with billowing clouds of sand and soil. No grass remained to hold th ... n search of a better life. By the end of the decade, 2.5 million people had left their homes in the Great Plains. Being overwhelmed with immigrants, many of the surrounding states did not welcome thos ...

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Black Kettle: Movato, and American Hero

e with honor for his people, despite broken promises and attacks on his own life, speak of him as a great leader with an almost unique vision of the possibility for coexistence between white society a ... hite society and the culture of the plains. ( The Southern Cheyenne lived on the great plains of western Kansas and eastern Colorado. The land was given to them under the Fort Laram ...

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The "cry of the wild" can still be heard across this great land. I have heard the bugle of an elk on the Great Plains...the shrill of a bald eagle along ... turkey among western foothills. Amazing beauty can still be found in the natural landscapes of this great land. I have seenthrough televisions, articles, books, and newspapers the towering forests...p ... ered Species Act. Approximately 50species are added each year. The loss of any species is cause for great concern.However, extinction occurs naturally as part of the process of evolution. In fact, pal ...

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