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Montana is one of the Mountain states of the United States. Montana has many boundaries. In the North it includes the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, in the east North Dakota and South Dakota, in the south by Wyoming and Idaho, and in the West by Idaho. Montana, nicknamed the Treasure State, is divided into basically two different physical and economic area. The Rocky Mountains in the west supply lumber and metal ores, the Great Plains in the East produce petroleum(gasoline), coal and an assortment of agriculture products. Montana entered our union in 1889, as the forty first state.

Land and Resources

Montana, with an area of 147,046 square miles, is the fourth largest state in the United States. Nearly thirty percent of the land in the state is owned by the federal government. Elevations range from a low 1,800 feet along the Kootenai River. They reach a high of 12,799 feet at the top of Granite Peak.

Granite Peak is near the ever so famous Yellowstone National Park. The average elevation in the state of Montana is 3,400 feet.

Physical Geography

Montana contains two major regions: the mountains, and the plains. The mountains occupy the western third of the state and the plains generally in the eastern portion of the state. Glacial ice has made much of Montana's landscape, but at the Canadian border is a beautiful, scenic alpine landscape full of trees. Some of the state of Montana is very rugged and nearly impossible to get to. This is probably the most inaccessible part of the whole country. Much of the Great Plains in Montana has a high elevation full of rolling hills and valleys, but a lot of this area is broken up by scattered foothills.

Waters( Rivers and Lakes)

The Rivers west...