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Case study: on costing systems and cost control

verhead figure (blanket hourly rate) is derived by selecting suitable allocation bases to apportion indirect costs by department on a monthly basis. Examples of suitable bases would be the total floor ...

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Was the Vietnam War a futile war?

merican government spent over 130 billion dollars directly into the war and at least that amount in indirect costs such as search for MIAs (Missing In Actions) and widow benefits. After all those live ...

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ABC--- The proponents of activity based costing claim that this approach to costing provides more accurate product costings. On what do they base these claims

g.Traditional costing systems usually utilize a single basis, (e.g. direct labor) to distribute the indirect costs to all products and services.Deborah W. Tanju 1991 The manufacturing overhead costs h ... individual product is the sum of both the costs that can be directly traced to the product and the indirect costs assigned to the product on the basis of the activities consumed.For example, ABC ackn ...

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"Issues of product costing are unimportant for virtual organisations that outsource production operations."

and differentiated. These costs are Direct Costs such as Direct Labour and Direct Materials, while Indirect Costs are Manufacturing Overheads such as Indirect Labour, etc. It is an appropriate proces ...

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Care+ Project Resource Plan

only five to six productive hours available for each working day; the other hours are taken up with indirect work, such as meetings, paperwork, answering e-mail.Project Structure and OrganizationWhich ...

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Costs can be classified in different ways, depending on which data is needed:1. Direct costs and indirect costs. Direct costs are costs which are directly related to making a product, considering i ...

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Eduction and the importance for the economy.

this have to be taken in to consideration through direct costs of paying for tuition fees but also indirect costs of delaying paid employment for extra years in education. Generally, the human capita ...

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A Brief look at Managerial Accounting

e assembly line. Now if you did not guess it, a non-traceable cost to a particular department is an indirect cost. For Example, at Nesco the maintenance tool room supplies benefits every department an ... Example, at Nesco the maintenance tool room supplies benefits every department and therefore is an indirect cost. Now cost can qualify under both direct and indirect cost. For example, depending on w ...

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Digital Communications, Inc.: Encoder Device Division -Reference 9-189-083: Analysis and Comments

for assigning the cost of resources to cost objects and provide better measurement of the costs of indirect resources used by different objects, no matter how differently the individual cost objects ...

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Cost Descriptors Paper

r required in payment for a purchase. Cost can be classified in many ways: fixed, variable, direct, indirect and sunk just to name a few. Fixed costs were mostly associated with administrative cost. F ... produced (Ward, 2006). Direct costs are identified with a specific product, department or activity. Indirect cost can not be identified with a specific product.The Cost ConceptCost concepts have devel ...

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itability of bringing the test ( Free PSA ) in house:1.Effect on direct cost.2.Possible increase in indirect costs3.Re-evaluation of equipment costs(capital) may be needed4.Rate of re-imbursement from ... r of tests performed (fixed cost). Each analyzer is evaluated independently based on how it is used.Indirect Costs:Indirect expense cost includes expenses that are part of doing business, but that are ...

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include:Scrap cost: The cost of poor quality that must be discarded, including labor, material and indirect costs.Rework costs: The cost of fixing defective products to conform to quality specificati ...

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foreign exchange hedging is worthwhile or not

reign exchange risk to ensure it is effectively managed in order to increase firm value by reducing indirect costs of financial distress and stabilize cash flows to increase debt capacity and avoid ex ...

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Seligram Incorporations (Electronic testing operations)

number of tests.Then, the firm faces outsourcing, that is to say a movement from direct towards to indirect cost. This new trend leads to a decrease in direct costs and to an increase in indirect cos ...

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Socially responsible marketing with applications on Energy business Case study Company: Total

al marketing done in the past and it came to life because companies started to pay the price of the indirect costs caused by their product. The costs can be in terms of customer's dissatisfaction by t ... customers expect to be accurately informed about the product's value and want to make sure that all indirect costs are included in the price. However, customers are not willing to pay the higher price ...

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CIS319: Computers and Information Processing Outsourcing and On-demand Paper

d the desire to save costs as an explanation for why outsourcing occurs. The desire to want to save indirect costs due to providing a particular service, the cost savings due to outsourcing and on-dem ...

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Hershey Chocolates- Cost Classifications

DirectCosts that can be traced to a particular responsibility centre are direct costs of that centreIndirectCosts that relate to responsibility centres, but cannot be traced precisely to specific resp ... te to responsibility centres, but cannot be traced precisely to specific responsibility centres are indirect costs of those centresControllabilityControllableCosts that are influenced by the decisions ...

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Cost Allocation Method

o determine a justifiable fee/charge/tax for those services.Included in cost allocation are direct, indirect, and incremental costs. Direct costs, or separable costs, are costs that are related to a s ... type of service and are related to one type of output or user such as, a sector-to-sector hand-off. Indirect costs, or common costs, are related to more than one type of service, such as, the physical ...

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Activity Based Management

is the first system implemented to keep track of the true cost of a product or service. It assigns indirect cost to cost object and uses unsophisticated methods to assign indirect costs. It allocates ... objects. This system will only be appropriate when the (i)direct costs were the dominant costs, (ii)indirect costs were relatively small, (iii)information costs are high, (iv)there is a lack of intens ...

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Inventory Management

, and 100% of the person's compensation and benefits if the position is left completely open. Other indirect costs include lost knowledge, skills, contacts, and customers, which are all hard to quanti ...

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