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A MLA paper for the life of Al Capone. Includes works cited and orks consulted.

Al Capone, one of the best-known Italian-American gangster, was a child of a struggling Italian immigrant family from the village of ... from the village of Castellmarre di Stabia, sixteen miles south of Naples. Capone took "the feudal Italian criminal society and fashioning it into a modern American criminal enterprise"(Bardsley). He ... o a quite, conventional family"(Bardsley). His parents where struggling for work because they where Italian immigrants and had no English speaking abilities. At age five, Capone went to public school ...

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Conflicts in the Godfather

"Don" Vito Corleone. As a turn-of-the-century Silician immigrant, he is the head of one of the five Italian-American "families" that operates a crime syndicate. The 'honorable' crime "family," working ...

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Public Enemy influence on Sopranos Influence of The Public Enemy (1931) on The Sopranos

y and generosity. And though the Irish-American of the 1930s cops and robbers film gives way to the Italian-American, some of the most dramatic scenes in both works happen over dinner. But of course, ...

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Impect of Hell

Choosing a dream is a success story of an Italian boy this essay gives us an insight of the feelings and the life of an immigrant boy. This is ... eing Mario Puzo he gives us his own perspective of how he viewed adults and how he viewed the other Italian immigrants. This essay also gives us an insight into the lives of other Italian Immigrants f ... is essay also gives us an insight into the lives of other Italian Immigrants from a viewpoint of an Italian Immigrant. Mario Puzo also mentions about his most valuable gift of retrospective falsificat ...

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Culture of Italy.

Italians are warm, welcoming people who enjoy sharing the pleasures of life with others: a comfortin ... th others: a comforting meal, an inspiring sunset, and yes...a clever joke. Most important thing to Italians' usually is their families.... and "Mama" is queen. Sons frequently live at home until well ... ially in small southern villages, but do not assume that efficiency in commerce is not appreciated. Italians are serious about business and expect alliances to hold the same high standards. Still, pra ...

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The American Civil War.

o the Union Army were a De Kalb regiment of German American clerks, the Garibakdi Guards made up of Italian Americans, a "Polish Legion," and hundreds of Irish American youths form Boston and New York ... r." Some citizens questioned the loyalty of immigrants who lived in crowded city tenements until an Italian American from Brooklyn turned that around. In the New York Senate, Democrat Francis Spinola ...

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Critique on classic movie "Do The Right Thing".

racial differences. The most Fascinating and important character of the plot is Sal. Sal is a white Italian American male that owns the only pizzeria in the black neighborhood and has two sons Vino an ...

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"The Sopranos" as a Soap Opera

abel the show with their own critiques based on their own culture. The show is based on the life of Italian-American, Tony Soprano, head of the most powerful crime family in New Jersey. Tony is often ...

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Martin Scorsese Taxi Driver

where he obtained his masters degree in film. Many of his movies throughout his career reflect his Italian-American Catholic upbringing.Here I will discuss the movie for which Scorsese gained most ac ...

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Cultural Identity Interview and Analysis

h African-American culture. He is a bi-racial, His mother is African-Canadian, and his father is an Italian-American. Ronald has one daughter who lives in Canada with her mother, whom he visits regula ... ell, so yeah, I can say I identify more with my African heritage. I never had any relations with my Italian heritage, my mother never made me feel I was different. I always raised as being black.I bel ...

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Italian Immigration

Between 1880 and 1920, four million Italian immigrants traversed the Atlantic to the United States. More Italian?s have migrated to the ... lantic to the United States. More Italian?s have migrated to the US then any other Europeans. These Italians came in search of the "American Dream." They were seeking a life that they could never have ... n Italy. Poverty, overpopulation, and natural disaster were all problems in Italy. This resulted in Italians seeking out employment in America to save their families from poverty.In the early 1900?s I ...

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Ethnic Groups (A Personal Reflection)

I come from a very diverse background, Italian, Polish, German, Russian, Redneck, American Indian. I?m basically a mutt. However, I will fo ... kground of my family, for the sake of this assignment.In the early 1800?s, there were not very many Italians immigrating to the United States, but at the same time Italy was becoming very overcrowded ... United States, but at the same time Italy was becoming very overcrowded ?From 1890 to 1900, 655,888 Italians arrived in the United States, of whom two-thirds were men.? (2002) America was probably a t ...

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti

ggles, Ferlinghetti communicates the issues at hand effectively.Lawrence Ferlinghetti is the son of Italian immigrants. As an Italian American, he uses his Italian background and mixes it with his Eng ... two different languages allowed him to communicate his poetry to two different cultural groups; the Italians, and the English. New York was heavily populated with Italian immigrants at the time. To It ...

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What Really Happened in 1492?

criticism over the true history of Christopher Columbus. History textbooks have relentlessly taught American schoolchildren that Columbus was a heroic explorer whose daring, perseverance, and navigati ... re discrediting his voyages significance. For example, Columbus's voyages have no meaning for North Americans since he never settled on this continent; he landed in the Caribbean. In fact, Columbus ne ...

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