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The Effects of America after the Attacks on September 11th

orkers. The cuts by AMR Corp. will affect American TWA and American Eagle."(A1) The total amount of layoffs could amount as high as 100,000, so the Airline Company is asking the government for $24 bil ...

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Downsizing, Anatheme or Panacea?

have lost their jobs to these programs since 1987. In the first quarter of 1994, there were 192,572 layoffs, averaging over 3,106 jobs a day. (Downs 19). By 1992, more than 85% of the Fortune 500 comp ... the next five years (Cameron, 1994). The 'scorecard' below illustrates the magnitude of some of the layoffs in the last four years:Company Jobs Cut % of Work ForceAT&T 128,000 30IBM 122,000 35Gene ...

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Effects of Downsizing.

IntroductionDownsizing, Layoffs, Cutting the Flab or more rudely put "removing of dead log" are the buzzwords being constant ... al., 1995; Cascio, 1993). From this angle, the term "downsizing" can be viewed as in parallel with layoffs (Hoskisson & Hitt, 1994). The broadly defined perspective views downsizing as a "selecti ... ointing" (Mabert, et, al, 1997, p. 46)."The touchstone of the early 1990's was corporate downsizing-layoffs, restructuring, recapitalizing, bankruptcy, and emerging from bankruptcy" (Wall Street Journ ...

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Packaging is important nowadays. (I took Kellogg Co. as an example).

ally nothing to account for 8% of all cereal packages sold since 1995.While Kellogg Co. experienced layoffs, declining earnings and a plummeting stock price, Quaker Oats Co. have been enjoying increas ...

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Southwest Airlines Case Study

urther evidence of a successful formula is that the company also maintained full employment with no layoffs, furloughs, or unpaid leaves.Continuation of growth while focusing on proven strategy of poi ...

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protect individuals with disabilities in recruitment, pre-employment screening, hiring, promotions, layoffs and termination's, and any other term, condition, or privilege of employment. The Americans ... rotects individuals with disabilities in recruitment, pre-employment screening, hiring, promotions, layoffs and termination's, and any other term, condition, or privilege of employment. Private employ ...

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Executive pay and salary secrecy

the number. "I didn't realize I was making so much more than he was."After gossip about romance and layoffs, perhaps the most provocative topic on any office grapevine is salary. The reason is simple: ...

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Book Report: "The Island Walkers" by John Bemrose

ken over by Intertex, a textile conglomerate with an eye for cost cutting. After the first round of layoffs, a union organizer comes to Attawan, attracting suspicion from both management and workers, ...

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Economic Layoffs at Gateway

Economic Layoffs at GatewayMacroeconomics is the study of the economy as a whole, which includes inflation, u ...

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The Asian Slump: Will It Become a World Depression?

cheaper abroad and imports have become expensive at home. They have also seen business closures and layoffs. Asian consumers have been cutting back on their household spending. Expensive foreign goods ...

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Downsizing is efficient and effective and thus, a viable strategy for firms competing in a global business environment. Do you agree?

affected by downsizing has been staggering.While we become numbed by the near daily accounts of new layoffs, a New York Times national survey found that at least a family member in one-third of all U. ... elbaum et al., 1999: 440)Another evidence was justified when the conglomerate giant, Unilever, used layoffs "as part of a strategy to consolidate mergers and capture business synergies" and consequent ...

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"Office Space."

Have you ever spent eight hours in a "Productivity Bin"? Ever had worries about layoffs? Ever had the urge to demolish a temperamental printer or fax machine? Ever had to endure a ...

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Company Layoffs for Cox Target Media

Cutbacks and layoffs in times of economic slide or downturn for any company are a reality. Mean and leaner times ... r will focus on key management strategies Cox Target Media faced when executives began cutbacks and layoffs of the company's employees located at the Elm City, North Carolina production facility durin ... 0 or more employees are required to provide workers with 60-day notices" prior to plant closings or layoffs, Cox Target Media in an unprecedented move gave workers nearly 2 years notice (Pagnattaro, 2 ...

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Dispute Summary Paper

crimination in recruitment, hiring, wages, assignment, promotions, benefits, discipline, discharge, layoffs and almost every aspect of employment.Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that ...

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Downsizing in Organizational Change

of these actions reach into the ranks of white collar and middle management positions; in the past, layoffs were generally limited to low-level, unskilled, or blue collar labor.Downsizing is defined a ... n take a variety of forms. Techniques used include hiring freezes, early retirement, transfers, and layoffs (Appelbaum, Simpson & Shapiro, 1987). Key attributes of downsizing are that: (1) downsiz ...

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Global Communications Gap Analysis

is to communicate to union and employees about the outsourcing decision which would result in jobs layoffs and will also result in relocation of some jobs with lower pay rates. As Sy has said "our co ...

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Compensation Law

r pay-related issues, including time off pay, income security (for those inIndustries with periodic layoffs), cost of living adjustments, and benefits like health care.The 1935 Act created the Nationa ...

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The Investment Banking Industry

anking of the firms based on assets. 7 Exhibit 3: Ranking of firms based on Market cap 8 Exhibit 4: Layoffs in 2001 8 BIBLIOGRAPHY 9 A. INVESTMENT BANKING: AN OUTLINE Investment Banking is the term us ... ce: Exhibit 4: Layoffs in 2001 BANKS BY THE NUMBERS It's been a bad year for the leading tech banks.Bank Layoffs Le ...

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Current Business Research Synopsis

ly resignation, personal decision to not work, job termination due to performance or attendance, or layoffs due to organizational restructures. When a company of 50 or more employees elects to elimina ... au of Labor Statistics utilizes employer interviews to gather significant data relating the massive layoffs within an organization. As an example, through the use of the employer interview, a determin ...

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Morale Impacts To Survivors Of Layoffs

er been laid off, you need to read this paper. To anyone who has worked for a company that has done layoffs, you need to read this paper. To anyone who has been a supervisor to people (or thinks they ... y word that remotely sounds as if people are going to lose their jobs, you need to read this paper. Layoffs affect everyone, indirectly or directly, in one-way or another.Today, as in the past, compan ...

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