Morale Impacts To Survivors Of Layoffs

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MGT 5310 MANAGING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE FALL 2001 EFFECTS OF CHANGE ON RETAINED EMPLOYEES ("I'M STILL HERE" IN A "DOWNSIZED" ENVIRONMENT) A PAPER SUBMITTED BY: TABLE OF CONTENTS (What Is In This Paper?) I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY II. INTRODUCTION III. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES II. SECONDARY DATA V. METHODOLOGY VI. PRIMARY DATA VII. DATA ANALYSIS VIII. CONCLUSIONS IX. BIBLIOGRAPHY X. APPENDIX I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (The Project In A Nut Shell.) II. INTRODUCTION (What This Project Is About.) To anyone who has ever been laid off, you need to read this paper. To anyone who has worked for a company that has done layoffs, you need to read this paper. To anyone who has been a supervisor to people (or thinks they will be someday), you need to read this paper. To anyone who has heard whispering around "the water cooler" the words layoff, downsizing, right sizing, or any word that remotely sounds as if people are going to lose their jobs, you need to read this paper.

Layoffs affect everyone, indirectly or directly, in one-way or another.

Today, as in the past, companies face the challenge of laying off employees and doing so in a manner in which morale is kept high for those left behind. Reasons for layoffs vary from making the bottom line look more attractive, to trimming the perceived excess caused by over-hiring (leaning up), to simply making shareholders feel better when business results are less than desirable. Is this a wise move under any of these circumstances? Do the desired results ever get accomplished? What happens to those left after the "ax" has fallen? Does their productivity diminish? What about morale? Is there a good way for companies to let folks go? In this paper, we attempt to answer some of these questions and more. What follows is...