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Child Custody and Homosexuality. Ethics in Psychology/Counseling or dealing with children.

s to hold a different set of values" (p. 68). I asked myself what values I had on homosexuality and parenting and came to the conclusion that I did not have enough information on the subject to declar ... tody law would be an important step I would take. Also, before we met I sought some research on gay parenting. I wanted to see what psychological journals had to say on the subject.Researching Gay Par ...

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Same-sex Parenting

Same-Sex ParentingSame-sex marriage in itself is a debatable subject matter in America today, but dare mentio ... right? There are many family types in the world, but none looked down upon as much as the same-sex parenting family type. When public concern is based more on a homosexual couple wanting to be good p ... 03. ( Another family type is the same-sex parenting family type, being gay and lesbian couples; two mothers or two fathers, most likely unmarr ...

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How Might Homosexual Parenting Affect A Child's Development

, or such specific areas of emotional development as self-esteem, depression, or anxiety.Homosexual ParentingIn terms of homosexual parenting, one of the questions that is constantly posed is: how are ... an, S., Donahue, E., & Haskins, R. (2005). Marriage and child wellbeing: gay marriage, same-sex parenting, and american's children. The Future of Children, 15(2), 97-116.Patterson, C. (1997). Chil ...

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To Have or Not to Have. 3 pages (not including title page, bibliography, or outline). Would you rather grow up with a gay father or no father at all? Explores the effects on a child growing up with a gay father.

ompared to their heterosexual counterparts, gay fathers are not markedly different when it comes to parenting styles. In fact, gay fathers seem to be much more open minded and nurturing to their child ... etrieved from ERIC database.Rivers, D. (2010). In the best interests of the child': lesbian and gay parenting custody cases,1967-1985. Journal of Social History, 43(4), 917-936. Retrieved from Academi ...

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or themselves. The research that I gathered expresses surprisingly similar views to the idea of gay parenting, the theme of the research is overwhelmingly supportive of gay parenting as a whole. The f ... e. The first piece of research I gathered, titled, "Psychologists' Attitudes Toward Gay and Lesbian Parenting" makes note of the immense amount of children who reside in foster care and orphanages in ...

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