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The Gates Bill

cout but never showed interest for either of these activities. Gates was an unusual child who spent long periods in his room in deep thought. He loved science and showed great skill in the area of mat ... n be restricted to time on the terminal because the school's electric bill was ever increasing.In a long series of mishaps Gates and Allen would soon be programming away at Lakeside. The math teacher ...

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Chron's disease

ntinue to come back throughout the patient's lifetime.What Are the Symptoms?Many patients will have long periods of no symptoms when it seems that the disease has gone away. The symptoms are usually a ...

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Those Terrible Thunderstorms.

s the potential for a lot of rain to fall, and it will often leave the ground soaked or flooded for long periods of time. In low lying areas, this can turn into a serious problem if too many storms pa ...

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Latest Stem Cell research.

guish them from other types of cells. First, they are unspecialized cells that renew themselves for long periods through cell division. The second is that under certain physiologic or experimental con ... e.Scientists are trying to understand two fundamental properties of stem cells that relate to their long-term self-renewal: 1) why can embryonic stem cells proliferate for a year or more in the labora ...

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Types of hackers.

t hackers (also known as crackers) are the ones who write virii, destroy data, and deface websites along with other illegal activity. This type of hacker will not end up at a very good job due to a ba ... acker will not end up at a very good job due to a bad reputation, and usually ends up in jail for a long period of time. This kind of hacker is not welcome at HDNL.2. Grey-hat hackers are borderline w ...

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This is a persuasive essay about convincing the school board to change our notes on paper to laptops that we all would be given, even if they werent too good.

he prevention of arthritis, which can occur from clenching your fingers when you write. Writing for long periods can also cause finger cramping, bruising of your knuckles, and other physical discomfor ...

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The Maya Culture

in contact with other groups of Indians on all sides, particularly with the nations of Mexico. For long periods sections of the Maya were under the political domination of Mexican rulers. Under such ... and government.The physical characteristics of the Maya culture are the following; they were short, long-bodied, and chunky, with good muscle development and a tendency to gain weight. The heads were ...

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s adapted to the dry habitats such as savanna grasslands and semi-deserts. Cheetahs can survive for long periods without water, gathering much of the water they need from the body fluids of their prey ... orts merge into a band pattern on the end of the tail that is distinctive in each individual cat. A long stripe extends from the lower inside corner of the eye to the edge of the mouth. Cheetahs have ...

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Sport is not, and can never be a profession.

ld be making an understatement. It involves early mornings and sacrificing hours of precious sleep, long periods of endurance training and also monotonous afternoons in the gymnasium. As a profession, ... me people argue that sport is only a profession when one is in only for the money. Those athletes belonging to dictated games usually put money higher on their lists of priorities. Those who have a ge ...

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Ecosystems - Preservation vs. Conservation

complex of the achievements of the natural forces found uniquely in these creative ecosystems.Over long periods, the following processes have been learned or have come into being from these systems: ...

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Imagine that you have served as a common soldier in the Confederate Army from 1861 to 1865.

to fire back at us. Throughout the entire three days that the battle raged, the Union soldiers went long periods of not defending their fort. We pelted them with canyon balls; numerous times the balls ... tsburgh Landing, which we wanted to secure so that they would be unable to retreat. We did not last long however. With the Union back-up army in close proximity, we resisted for about eight hours, exh ...

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Nationalism: background and the big picture.

nite people into cohesive, stable nations. Likewise, it can tear nations apart which can result in long periods of social upheaval and political chaos.Nationalism in Europe can be traced back to t ... as Louis XIV in France governed large nations with absolute power. European people, in general, no longer saw themselves individually as (for example) Bavarian, Bohemian, or Prussian, they saw themse ...

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What caused the 1905 Russian uprising?

The revolution was the outcome of long periods of repression and unrest across the country which started with Peter the Great. Through ...

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Assisted Suicide- Facing the End of life with Personhood

permanent vegetativestate. With the technology we have today, we are ableto help people survive for long periods. About twomillion Americans die every year. About eight fivepercent of them are in inst ... of them are in institutions. Eighty percent ofthem are involve in a decision by someone to try toprolong life or let it go. It is estimated that aroundfour of every five Americans will die of lingerin ...

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Investigating Structures

it dries out and often cracks. So, the wood gets seasoned. Seasoning involves stacking the wood for long periods in dry air to allow the moisture to evaporate.Even after seasoning however, wood can st ... veneers are arranged so that their grains run in alternate directions. Since wood is much stronger along the grain than across it, this gives the material uniform strength. This can be demonstrated wi ...

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re mammals, but some lay eggs. At birth, young sharks, of some larger species, are more than 3 feet long. Also, when born, the young are swift, capable swimmers that feed on the same prey as adults. T ... young are frequently born in protected inshore areas away from the males. Sharks commonly fast for long periods during the breeding season.One of the more interesting sharks is the basking shark. The ...

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Civil War

people, they were property, and therefore had no rights. They worked on the plantation everyday for long periods of hours under cruel treatment. Who prosper from the work of the blacks? The plantation ... ong citizens. Today, many people believe the fight for equaliy among Blacks and whites is no longer an issue. However, it still exists today. A few years ago a law called afirmative action was ...

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"Bartleby, the scrivener" by Herman Melville

interacting with himself and would prefer not to admit the narrator. The lawyer recalled "that for long periods he would stand looking out, at his pale window behind the screen, upon the dead brick w ...

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Catastrophic Climate

that we aren't paying attention, but more of the fact that it is hard to notice slight changes over long periods of time. Everyday gases are released into the air by all living material. The gases in ... climate changes and related issues we can see that something needs to be done or the Earth will no longer exist in a short period of time.Climate change is something the world has always endured. The ...

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formation. Memory is divided into three separate categories: sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. An example of sensory memory is a subject's ability to observe an object for a ver ... short-term storage have a strict limit on capacity and duration which makes them unavailable after long periods of time. Long-term memories however can be accessed for a much longer period of time so ...

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