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Senior address for my high school band banquet, good speech

ississippi River, and the year we all thought we'd be carried away by the ants. But after months of marching practice, football games, and festivals, we decided this whole band thing wasn't that bad. ... t we did. 24 trophies and a near perfect season. It was a great year, but without a second thought, marching season was gone, Christmas passed, and now, even concert season has come to an end. Before ...

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Marching and Concert Band.

Marching and Concert BandMarching band and concert band have two completely different concepts. Howe ... nts consider the word band as being able to play some kind of musical instrument. Being a five year marching band member and playing in concert band for seven years, I feel as if I know the difference ... feel as if I know the difference between these two activities. One of the main differences between marching and concert band is the mental process one must go through to memorize the music and the st ...

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Overview of the Career: Music Educator

tor of Bands at the McKeesport Area Senior High School in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. She directs the marching, symphonic, and jazz bands along with various small ensembles and elementary students. I al ... tor at the Elizabeth Forward Middle School. I attended two full band rehearsals with the McKeesport Marching Band during their band camp in early August. During the first session with the band, I arri ...

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Listening: Introductory Concepts

piece brings to mind several memories. I recall playing this piece during the days when I was in a marching band. We played this on occasions such as a prize giving ceremony, and during parade inspec ...

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Bands of America- Writing Assignment 2005

f of the tarp and it said "breath".The guard danced with neon green mattresses outside of where the marching band was making their formations. The green mattresses had squiggly lines on them. Other ma ...

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The Art And Technique Of Marching Band Performance

When deciding to join a marching band, there are a few things to remember. Do you have the time? Do you have the endurance? ... ave the time? Do you have the endurance? Do you have the passion? Do you have the heart? Being in a marching band means that you are in a superior performing ensemble. The art of being able to play no ... tion and practice to get proficiently good.The foot technique is the single most important thing in marching. The 8 to 5 step size is 22.5 inches. The roll through step prevents any kind of breaking i ...

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Mr Hollnds Opus And Teaching

ive after school sessions, and started to get involved with the after school activities such as the marching band and drama plays. From watching the film, I think that the two major reasons that made ...

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Drumline: The Alien and Sedition Acts

nist Devon (Cannon) from Harlem receives a full scholarship to Atlanta A&T well known for their marching band program. The cocky wannabe freshman campus king of snare drums cannot keep himself out ... attention and interest of audiences of any age. The movie opens eyes to a hidden world of Southern marching band programs transforming clichéd young black male stereotypes into something posit ...

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Why Penn and I are a Perfect Fit

challenges of a dual curriculum.As a musician, my final enticement was the rhythmic chant of Penn's marching band on a chilly Saturday morning. "P-E-N-N…PENN…P-E-N-N…PENN…" ...

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Choosing a College : Michigan vs. Montana State

(BSN). This will take me around 4 years to complete. Television Station, Choral Group, Drama Group, Marching Band, and newspaper, sports are some of the extracurricular activities you can be a part of ... ere are a lot of extracurricular activities you can be a part of Choral Group, Drama/Theater Group, Marching Band, Newspaper (Student run) Radio Station (Student run), and Television Station. On Febru ...

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