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Describe the Lewis and Clark Expedition. What were the problems encountered? How did Lewis and Clark prepare for it? What were the results of the Expedition?

nt of the Northwestern Wilderness. To lead this expedition into the wilderness, Jefferson appointed Meriwether Lewis, who was his personal secretary. Lewis picked William Clark as his co-leader for th ... e into a run, but by the time they actually started to run, the bear was on them. If it was not for Meriwether Lewis, who came just at the right time and shot the bear in his head, those three men wou ...

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This essay describes the Lewis and Clark expedition, and what effects it had on the U.S.

cer and ten or twelve choice men. The "intelligent officer" that he picked to head this pursuit was Meriwether Lewis, who chose William Clark travel along with him.After much preparation gathering sup ... ng back in Washington, each member of the corps was awarded with double pay, and 320 acres of land. Meriwether Lewis was made Governor of the Louisiana territory, while Clark became Brigadier of the L ...

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Lewis ans Clark Expedition.

peditions across the continent, President Thomas Jefferson decided to try once more.Jefferson asked Meriwether Lewis to become his personal secretary and help plan for the expedition of the west.1803S ... being accused of being too "soft" on Indians). On this date he dies at the home of his eldest son, Meriwether Lewis Clark.

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This is basically, a broad and at times advanced summary of the fur trapping and trade companies at the beginning of the 1800's.. written as if the buisness was recently created...

sponsoring an expedition to set up a post in the far west following the successful peregrination of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. We have found that our location of posts have given us an excell ...

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Summary and Analysis of Stephen Ambrose's Undaunted Courage for AP US History Class

Undaunted CourageMeriwether Lewis was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains on August 18, 1774. He had a sister, Jane, and ...

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Although several people were involved in the Lewis and Clark expedition, Captain Clark and Captain Meriwether Lewis were the most vital. Captain Clark and Captain Meriwether Lewis met each other in t ... ued man. Captain Clark also had a medical background, which was crucial later in the novel. Captain Meriwether Lewis was a man who settled for nothing less than perfection. As a young boy, Captain Mer ...

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Lewis and clark

s land had been done was by outlaws and furtraders. Jefferson decided to send his private secretary Meriwether Lewis and a smallparty to look at the new land. Jefferson sent Lewis on a fake scientific ...

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The Expedition of Lewis & Clark

he spring and summer of 1803 were given over to preparations. Jefferson chose as leader a man named Meriwether Lewis, whom he described as "brave, prudent, habituated to the woods, and familiar with I ...

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Describe the events and factors that propelled the development of the American West. What role did the Federal Government play in the development?

grew by about one million square miles. Jefferson choose his personal secretary, Meriweather Lewis, to lead the exploration. When the need for a second-in-command was addresser, Lewis recommend ... in-command was addresser, Lewis recommended his good friend William Clark, and on May 14, 1804, the Lewis and Clark Expedition started out from St. Louis in search of the Pacific Ocean. Two and a half ...

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The Louisiana Explorers: Based on "Undaunted Courage" by Stephen E. Ambrose.

as Jefferson from France in 1803 helped expand the United States' boundaries immensely. Explored by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, the territory had much to offer. Though, the two explorers weren ...

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The Voyage West

became president he contemplated a project of a western expedition with his private secretary Capt. Meriwether Lewis ( President Jefferson's purpose was to find a land route to the Pacific Oc ...

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The Nez Perce: A History

ace of their stone community houses, greatly increasing their mobility and ability to hunt buffalo. Meriwether Lewis was appropriately impressed with the breeding accomplishments of the Nez Perce, as ...

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Lewis And Clark

es. The book itself goes in chronological order. It starts out giving the background of both Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. It tells how they were brought up, and how they eventually ended ... the most important parts of the trip. In the beginning of the book it explains how the two men met. Meriwether Lewis was an officer in the United States army. One day he met a new lieutenant named Wil ...

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Lewis And Clark

tion to find a route to the Pacific. To conquer this enormous task, Jefferson wanted his secretary, Meriwether Lewis to head the expedition. Lewis, then, employed his friend, William Clark, to help hi ... ructions to Lewis, June 20, 1803 The success of the expedition is attributed to the two co-leaders, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. The two men were perfect compliments to each other, close friend ...

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ed $15M going against Jefferson and bought Louisiana. October 1803, Louisiana became property of US.Meriwether Lewis and William Clark - Dec. 3, 1805 Reached P. Ocean.Zebulon Pike - Discovered Pikes P ...

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Exploring Lewis and Clark by Thomas P. Slaughter Analytical Book Review

the reason for the journey and the outcome of it; "Jefferson asked his talented private secretary, Meriwether Lewis, to discover whether the Missouri River may offer the most direct & practicable ... Thomas P. Slaughter was a riveting rendition of the epic adventure by the two legendary explorers, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Slaughter did an impeccable job obtaining obscure information fr ...

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Westward Expansion in the US

its newly acquired territory. Shortly after the purchase in 1803, Jefferson asked U.S. Army Captain Meriwether Lewis to plan an expedition through Louisiana. In his own words, Jefferson's main goal wa ... it is doubtful that later expeditions would have been as successful as they were.[4: Uldrich, Jack, Meriwether Lewis, and William Clark. Into the unknown leadership lessons from Lewis & Clark's da ...

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