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The Nature of Scientific Progress as described in T.H. Kuhn's model of paradigms and revolutions, and Larry Laudan's model of research traditions

esearch and development. This idea in itself implies that there is progress in science. Scientific methodologies as well as science as an institution have been developed in such a way to allow for gr ... ains that while conceptual problems deal with opposition between the scientific theory and existing methodologies, world-views, and other scientific theories, they are not based on illogical social be ...

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Towards a better understanding of Shamanism

ut having itnecessary to view its ramifications to the people who are soimbued by it. Despite these methodologies which were grave innature, matters began to shift during the 1940's and 1950's whenthe ...

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Towards a better understanding of Shamanism

ut having itnecessary to view its ramifications to the people who are soimbued by it. Despite these methodologies which were grave innature, matters began to shift during the 1940's and 1950's whenthe ...

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No matter the breadth or the depth of an organization, it will always have the inherent need for human resources. It is safe to say that without manpower, no organization in the world would exist.

al employees as the case may be). It is up to HR manager or management team to create processes and methodologies in recruiting, training, and appraising its staff in such a way that it is congruent w ...

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Explore the relationship between the various ways that decision making in organisations may be described and explained and the methodologies to support decision making.

heories are operational research (OR)/ management science and soft systems methodology (SSM). Other methodologies to support decision-making are strategic choice. This essay will mainly look at the re ... on JB Casting will be used through out to illustrate the relationship between the theories and the methodologies.The REM assumes that decisions are made rationally by decision-makers in organisations ...

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"Literature and Lives" by Allen Carey-Webb Ascertaining the efficacy of reader-response and cultural studies in the classroom.

When it comes to the teaching of literature, there are, perhaps, as many didactic methodologies as there are literary genres. Until recent decades, literature has primarily been taug ...

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Organizational Change: Article Review - MGT 331: Organizational Behavior. (A brief review of 3 related articles, see references for article links)

change, including the reasons for the change, how the change affects the employees and whether the methodologies used to implement change are effective.Change, according to Anderson, Klein and Stuart ... ealing with when it comes to change, various studies have taken place that focuses on the different methodologies used for change and whether those methods were effective. One discussion included the ...

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Integration issues businesses may encounter and methods of countering them.

mputer Corporation; extensive pre-planning to integrate the two corporation's systems, cultures and methodologies occurred prior to the final acquisition. The issues explored (customer satisfaction, h ... atly benefited their efforts to combine the two companies by practicing established problem-solving methodologies. This task requires open collaboration; groups clouded by infighting and personal or s ...

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The arguments about foreign project valuation

ultinationals are taxes, exchange rates, estimating the terminal value of a project using different methodologies, political risk and the real operating options (Buckley 2000). NPV is calculated using ...

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The Five Factor Model.

and Costa and the Big Five model of Goldberg. Both of these models although derived from different methodologies are an attempt to explain human behaviour using traits. There has been much debate as ...

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An Introspective View of the Cultural Battle in the Zionist Movement.

Herzl shared the common goal of restoring the loss of Jewish identity, their Zionist ideologies and methodologies differed greatly.Herzl felt that the loss of Jewish identity was due to the fact that ...

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Organizational Behavior.

es or levels of analysis. This paper will briefly discuss it=s importance and the difference of two methodologies of having personable skills versus technical skills and both.Organizational behavior i ...

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Unified Modeling Language - an Introduction/overview.

In the early 80's and 90's many different methodologies and models were being used for designing software programs, business systems, and data ... lthough UML is a notation system enabling people to communicate about a model, it is developed from methodologies that also describe the processes in developing and using the model.ReferencesBooch, Ru ...

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Information Literacy, what it is, why we need it, why is it important. paper demonstrates students ability to comprehend the concepts of infromation literacy.

us methods are discarded in favor of new ones. It is therefore necessary for us to keep up with new methodologies of information literacy, to be updated, thorough and aware.At Zayed University informa ...

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Libertine or Liberal? the real truth regarding Bill Clinton

en studied by both qualitative and quantitative researchers. Recently it has been argued that these methodologies can be used in combination to address different aspects of consensus information. Some ...

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Online Research Analysis Paper

omers and improve businesses bottom line. In this paper I will differentiate the different types of methodologies that are used when conducting online market research, describe the advantages and disa ... s and marketing mix which includes the Four-Ps" (Merrilees, 2001).Businesses use different types of methodologies to conduct their online market research such as qualitative and quantitative methods. ...

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Improvising as a Lost Art

ing quite literally "un-foreseen". Any amateur musician in the 18th century could improvise, but as methodologies for music teaching developed in the 19th century, reading and playing complicated scor ...

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Ford Ka: Breaking New Ground in the Small Car Market : Insead case on market segmentation

small car market in France undergoing rapid change, the strategies of yore are making way for newer methodologies. No longer can a car manufacturer simply make a big car for the wealthy and a small ca ...

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Summary of first four chapters Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill (2003)Research Methods for Business Students (3rd edn), Rotolito Lombarda, Italy

esearch course is very important for the business student and reveals that how to use the different methodologies to solve the different existing problems when their doing research. Meanwhile, the boo ... esearch strategy that can fit for the decided research project. It is undoubtedly that many various methodologies exist, but business students ought to select the appropriate methods from all so that ...

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False memories

s of the debate between clinical and experimental psychologists as to the nature of forgetting, and methodologies used to proliferate arguments in the recovered/false memory debate.'Candidate number: ... history of this debate a 'middle' ground seem to be just over the horizon. Many are looking at the methodologies used with some from an experimental background using techniques such as case analysis ...

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