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Essay by calvinnguyen February 2004

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The internet has revolutionized the business world today and will alter the business world of tomorrow. It has transformed the way consumers and businesses sell and buy product and services. It has created many different types of distribution channels to businesses and their competitors. Businesses now have to perform an accurate and precise research for a better understand of the purchasing process of its customers and to evaluate the market performance. Businesses have used the internet as a research tools because it provides "an efficient channel for fast, cheap, and reliable collection and processing of marketing information, even in a multimedia format" (Principle and Practice). A good research, business analysis and plan will bring value to its customers and improve businesses bottom line. In this paper I will differentiate the different types of methodologies that are used when conducting online market research, describe the advantages and disadvantages of online market research, the challenges of grouping respondents into categories, information that would effect and impact e-business decision-making and compared and contrast online and traditional market research methods.

Principle and Practice of e-business describe consumer market segmentation as geographic - region, size of city, county, statistical area, population density, climate; Demographic - age, occupation, sex, education family size, religion, family life cycle, race, income, nationality; Psychosocial - social class, lifestyles, personality; Cognitive behavioral - Attitudes, benefits sought, loyalty status, readiness stage, usage rate, perceived risk user status, innovativeness, usage situation and involvement. One of the main reasons why businesses use segmentation is to reduce cost and overhead. If businesses are not willing to use market segmentation then they are not able to analyze consumers-product relationships. Businesses with marketing department have to be able to investigate and research on what consumers are likely to purchase and what type of product they are likely...