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Where did UNIX come from and why are there different versions of UNIX?

The first efforts at developing a multi-user, multi-tasking operating system were begun in the 1960's in a development projectcalled M ... boratories in 1969 and 1970, Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchiebegan to develop their own single-user, multi-tasking small operating system and they chose the name UNIX. Their initial goalwas simply to o ... eir initial goalwas simply to operate their DEC PDP machines more effectively. In 1971, UNIX became multi-user and multi-tasking, but itwas still just being developed by a small group of programmers w ...

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Multi User Operating Systems.

Principle FeaturesThe Multi User Operating System is an operating system that can support two or more simultaneous users. ... wo or more simultaneous users. Most common operating systems found such as Windows are not actually Multi-User but Single-User operating systems. Single user will allow one user to do one task at a ti ... erating systems. Single user will allow one user to do one task at a time in Single Task mode or in Multi Task mode they will allow a user to have a number of programs or tasks running at the same tim ...

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Network Operating Systems.

Network Operating Systems vs. MUOS (Multi-User)CharacteristicsDifferent methods of Multi-taskingMulti tasking is when the ... advantage can be that the more programs that are run by the user, the more memory that is required. Multi Tasking can be split into two categories, co-operative and pre-emptive.Co-operative is when ... that a problem with one user does not become a problem between all users. Examples of co-operative multi tasking would be Windows 3x and Macintosh.Pre-emptive is when the applications are forced t ...

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Expressing Emotions Appropriately: Effective Communication in the work place

ide from general responsibilities, this is further aggravated by the downsizing, restructuring, and multi-tasking that is occurring in many of today's businesses. The occasional expression of emotiona ...

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Multi User Operating Systems

operating system controls the file-system, process management, memory management and peripherals.Multi-user operating systems are used on large mainframe computers. A mainframe computer system has ... rocessing unit. They use terminals (a keyboard and a monitor) to access the mainframe computer.A multi-user operating system lets more that one user work on a mainframe computer at the same time. ...

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The four major functions of an operating system are

ing programs. You have single tasking, in which you can run only one program application at a time. Multi-tasking in which in the normal operating system allows a single user to work with more than on ...

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Windows OS/2 and networking

ProblemOne of the benefits of OS/2 It was designed from scratch to include features such as multi-taskingLegacy system: usually an elderly mainframe which contains a mixture of software which ... What should a network operating system do? (main requirements of a network operating system) Multi-userThe system needs to be able to allow several users to access the computer's resources at t ...

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Operating System Common on the Internet

Linux is a multi-user, multi-tasking, 32-bit operating system based off of the UNIX operating system developed ...

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Discuss your ideas about the role and purpose of the early years specialist.

h in a team and as an individual. Their role is diverse which requires a teacher to be effective in multi tasking.Within this assignment I will be discussing the roles and purposes of the early year's ...

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The Hungry Ocean

other captains, etc. There are many things she must think about all at once but she is very good at multi-tasking. She is also political, especially when speaking with the other swordfish captains abo ...

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Team Skills

ion as well as each potential customer certain members are proficient in leadership, cross selling, multi- tasking and research. In order to successfully operate it is essential that members of the or ...

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