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Napoleon, The War Hero

.After the revolution began in France, he became a lieutenant colonel (1791) in theCorsican National Guard. However, when Corsica declared independence in 1793,Buonaperte, a Republican, a ...

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Truman's History, how he bacame an U.S president

ather's business investment soured and most of the family's money was lost.In 1905 Harry joined the National Guard. He was part of the artillery unit, Battery B. He remained in the National Guard unti ... alker, the Postmaster General and George Allen, Democratic Secretary, Robert Hannegan, a lawyer and National Democratic Chairman. In the late spring of 1944 the Pauley conspiracy was working. Roosevel ...

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The Reign of Terror and the French Revolution

od. In fact, the storming of the Bastille was merely a hole in the dike, and more would follow. The National Guard, the Paris Commune, the September Massacre, are all words that the French would prefe ... eliberation, an oath was sworn between the delegates and some clergy, proclaiming themselves as the National Assembly. They swore to remain indivisible until a constitution had been formed. As they me ...

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Are the Motives of Hizbullah Righteous and Justifiable? Bibliography included.

irst, tired of the PLO's performance, these Muslims could've accepted Israel's offer of creating a 'National Guard' in Lebanon. However, they soon realized that the Israelis simply wanted to gain more ...

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The cost of wars such as war with Iraq.

Prior to September 11, 2001 the line delineating national defense expenditures and other expenditures in the federal budget was reasonably clear. And ... get was reasonably clear. And civil expenditures that became defense expenditures in time of war or national emergency were well understood. For example, the Coast Guard, as a peacetime component of t ... as a peacetime component of the Department of Transportation, came under Navy direction, while the National Guard, nominally under command of state governors, was federalized.Plans were also in place ...

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Gun control.

r it protects rights of gun ownership or the individual. The militia has been said to represent the National Guard. Others say that the militia means everyone in the country and they are implied in th ... law was ruled unconstitutional and later thrown out, all due to the second amendment. "In 1871, the National Rifle Association (NRA) was formed to order to ready American citizens for wartime" (Guncit ...

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Solutions for the Arab Israeli Crisis: includes the occupied territories, jerusalem and refugees.

he UN; this UN presence will be removed when the nation stabilizes. With the aid of the UN, a small National Guard may be set up, but it must be limited so they don't get any funny ideas about expandi ... ing to its Hebrew name. The Old City, which contains all the shrines and temples, will be made international territory to which all have access. This city will be known as Jerusalem, and can be foreve ...

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Invisible poor, the land of the free

"I work as a night auditor and a bellhop at a small hotel, here in San Jose. And I've been in the National Guard for 15 years. About six months, I've been living here in the car. I divorced my wife ...

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On Madam Rolands letter to a friend 18/7/1891

ent, it would be advisable to evaluate this letter against other sources.There is reference to the 'National Guards wanting to cut their brothers throats'. The National Guard was set up and run by Lay ... sticks; women carrying or leading their children composed a large proportion of this assembly'. The National Guard are portrayed as the villains of this piece. In contrast to this the municipal office ...

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Manuel Noriega: Operation Just Cause

ace. He waseducated in Panama and in a Military school in Lima Peru. He received acommission in the National Guard in 1967 and was promoted to Lieutenantin 1968. He was also part of the group that rem ... ernmental sources several hundred Panamanianswere killed, and 23 Americans. Latin American and International sourcesestimate the civilian death toll to have been 10,000 and 20,000 to 30,00 wereleft ho ...

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Harmony in the United states: a term paper about what how the USA should get rid of social classes and racial issues in the future.

immigrants took to the streets killing wealthy people and taking their possessions. Eventually, the National Guard had to step in and the troops marched on American citizens. This is the first time in ... ther cultures? By spending all this money in all the wrong places, the government is increasing the national debt by millions of dollars a day. This record breaking amount ofmoney is causing the value ...

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The Newark riots of 1967

U.S. history. The riots were between African-Americans and white residents, police officers and the National Guard. The riots were not unexpected. The tension between the city grew tremendously during ... s. The violence spread throughout the Central Ward and Downtown area. After 3 days of violence, the National Guard entered the city and began to open fire on rioters.After 6 days of violence the riot ...

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An essay on the Second Amendment to the Constitution, detailing interpretations of the amendment and a personal (pro) stance on the right to bear firearms.

olitical persuasion. It preserves the right of each individual state to form its own "militia," the National Guard. Few disagree on the necessity of state militias; the controversy surrounding the Sec ... fies the first. Thus, the people, or the states, may bear arms, or maintain a militia, which is the National Guard.The second part of the clause says the undefined people have the right to "keep and b ...

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1848 Revolutions Study Guide is a documents containing 7 pages of detailed, bibliographed information separated into categories.

ice their discontent was supposed to be held on February 23rd 1848. However, Guizot was sure of the national guard keeping the king safe cancelled the meeting. The demonstration has spilled on to the ... d Guizot from office for his political mistake. * The demonstrations continued thus Louis sent the National Guard to disperse the revolutionary movements. * Then someone fired, it is still not known ...

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The Long View of 100 Years: The Centennial Celebration of Longview, Texas

ion in New Haven, Connecticut. At Kent State University in Ohio, students were up in arms after the National Guard had used tear gas and guns to break up a student rally at the center of campus. Texas ... Gang Robbery. The infamous Dalton Gang, under the leadership of Bill Dalton, had tried to rob First National Bank of Longview in 1894. The gang had sent a scrawled note warning of the robbery to the L ...

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Chronology of Civil Rights Movement

roversy by defying the federal court order to desegregate public schools. Faubus positions Arkansas National Guardsmen outside Central High School in Little Rock to prevent nine black students from en ... sident to intervene on behalf of the students and end the Little Rock crisis. Eisenhower places the National Guard under federal authority and sends 1,000 U.S. Army troops to disband the mob and escor ...

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National Constituent Assembly

To what extent did the reforms of the Constituent Assembly create discontent?The National Constituent Assembly solved some of Frances short term problems, but caused significant dis ... reactionary groups, who seized leadership of the French people, in the nation's time of need.The National Constituent Assembly originated from the National Assembly, and its purpose was to write a ... s well as some Nobles and Clergymen, but it did not effectively represent the whole of France. The National Constituent Assembly set up a militia type force, called the National Guard, to protect the ...

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Using the perspectives of TOM HAYDEN evaluate the "success" or "failure" of groups such as Yippies & SDS, who symbolized the Anti-War Movement in 1968.

a failure. Instead of the government using the Army or Marines, they used our at home military the National Guard, which rarely is used in 3rd world wars. Although the Yippies used a different approa ...

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The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights

ted in Meltzer, 1990, p. 56). To a citizen of the United States, this means that "state militia and National Guard have the right to bear arms or keep weapons" (Meltzer, 1990, p. 56). Many citizens al ... formity can only be accomplished by confiding the regulation of the militia to the direction of the national authority. It is, therefore, with the most evident propriety, that the plan of the conventi ...

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Importance of Affirmative Action within the Society.

it must be equal not reversed. A case in point, a white male applied for a government position at a National Guard equipment maintenance site in Louisiana. He did not receive the position. He was told ... tion would be to work toward more broad-based, race-neutral economic policies. They can also have a national health reform, meaning all citizens would be entitled to some sort of basic medical care. T ...

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