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Teacher's notes on Past Tenses for those who learn English as a foreing language.

jective (frightening story, grinding poverty, grueling work, et cetera).What's a gerund?Gerunds are nouns ending in -ing.*Smoking is bad for your health.*I have given up on doing this homework.*My fav ...

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A Summary of Classes in Java.

eam uses in an object of the Ball class.3.A class consists of two basic things:a.Instance Data (the NOUNS)i.Other Descriptions1.Instance data represents the state of an object.2.Instance data represen ...

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Detailed notes on Gerunds.

GERUNDSMany people say that gerunds are ing verbs used as nouns. While that may be offensive to some, in fact, the statement is quite true: They are verbs; th ... s quite true: They are verbs; they always end in ing; but they are used as a noun. Because they are nouns, they can be subjects, direct objects, indirect objects, objects of the preposition, or predic ... irect objectPreposition + ing gerund = object of the prepositionSince GERUNDS are ing verbs used as nouns, they maintain their verb-like qualities which means that a gerund can also take a direct obje ...

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Motivation in the Workplace applying Maslow and Herzberg theories.

vide efficient service to consumers. According to Keogh (2003),Motivation is one of the most loaded nouns in the English language. It has intrinsic negative, as well as positive, connotation and its t ...

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How to learn Chinese well

ese person because grammar in Chinese is easier than English. For example, you don't have to change nouns into the plural if they are plural. Furthermore, you don't have to change verbs into the singu ...

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Stevie Smith once commented that the people in her poems do not feel at home in this world. With reference to three poems, discuss this aspect of Smith's poetry.

ble state of being. The language Smith uses emphasizes the misery by the imagery of a rotting soul. Nouns such as "fungoid" contributes to such an unpleasant image, for it is as if her soul is ill wit ...

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Vague Pronoun reference

lesbian marriage. The regulation of homosexual marriages is a classic example of discrimination.Pronouns are substitutes for nouns. The word a pronoun refers to is an antecedent. A pronoun should ref ... and the three-day plan, but neither helped much.By saying neither, it refers back to BOTH items.PRONOUNS MUST AGREE IN PERSONDo not start writing in the first person, and then switch to the second pe ...

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Ensure Contentment to Ensure Complacency to Ensure Conformity

themselves to us as conformity and complacency. You question, unseeing, as to how two such mediocre nouns could constitute threats to our great homo-sapien civilization.To explane I'll point out that ...

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The Door -Analysis

a one, Holub paints a very fantasy-like image of what is "outside" waiting for you behind the door. Nouns like "tree", "wood", "garden" and "magic city" put together imply a very innocent, magical ima ...

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Analysis of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

rces people to hate life.The other type is some super-human fellow fights things. In this type, all nouns sound about the same. Huerk, Hurk, and Herk could each be something different. Huerk could be ...

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- I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud - By, William Wadsworth - How author uses figurative language...

Wordsworth uses figurative language such as personification through out the whole poem to bring the nouns to life. "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" shows how people can doze off easily have no limits to ...

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The Parts of Speech

2, deskIDEAS: knowledge, success, loveThe PronounA pronoun is a word used in a place of one or more nouns or pronouns.EXAMPLES:*Emily Dickinson took few trips; Dickinson spent most of Dickinson's time ... ime at Amherst.** Emily Dickinson took few trips; she spent most of her time at Amherst.Types of PronounsPersonal PronounsReflexive PronounsDemonstrative PronounsInterrogative PronounsRelative Pronoun ...

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The Polish Language.

the grammar you can easily observe that Polish is a very inflexional language. Both adjectives and nouns are declined, and in Polish there are seven cases. Verbs are conjugated with persons and numbe ...

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Comparative Commentary

tains narrative form and obviously it was written from a subjective standpoint. Both texts use many nouns which are eye-cathing e.g.: technologies, business, performance, research or challenge. Moreov ...

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All of New Mexico's Troubles Began in Taos: An Anthropological Look and Evaluation of the Taos Pueblo Indians and their history

conquest of New Mexico in the late 16th century, the Spaniards, in their habit of adding an "s" to nouns to form the plural, forever changed the name to what we know now as the Taos Pueblo Indians (B ...

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English language learners comprehension lessson plan for second grade english. Helping students understand nouns and verbs

es.Second Grade Content Standard: 1.3 Identify and correctly use various parts of speech, including nouns and verbs, in writing and speaking.English Language Development Standard for Writing: Write ph ... tion: Read the book Animalia by Base,G.(1987) to illustrate the alliterative sentences that include nouns and adjectives. Take a few examples and model the lesson by showing how to use a combination o ...

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Commentary on 'The Lesson' by Roger McGough

the students. McGough never refers to the students as students or children. He always uses negative nouns for them, such as ‘hooligans’, ‘latecomer’, ‘vandal’, and ‘ ...

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Symbolism Of Rain In A Farewell To Arms

riptive sentences. In his loose autobiography, A Farewell to Arms, the sentences are full of simple nouns and verbs that don't whisper, rather they hammer details into the reader's subconscious. His w ... mingway's straightforward sentences, many critics site a major connection between his uncomplicated nouns and the symbolism they carry. Hemingway thoroughly enjoyed down-playing the idea of hidden sym ...

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nd for other people controls your mind, and your mind controls you. The word honor is added to many nouns to make them superior, to make them proper, for example, honor roll, a list of students achiev ...

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Spanish Cheat Notes

ls seperatly *Dont put accents on CAPITAL LETTERS NOTE #3 LES ARTICLE All nouns have genders Le Masculine M =M La Feminine ...

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