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Description of the Marxist argument about the importance of class.

d count 742References:·Goldblatt, D. 2000, DD121 Workbook 2 Understanding social change. The Open University, Milton Keynes.·The Open University, 1999, DD121 An introduction to social sc ... 999, DD121 An introduction to social sciences: understanding social change. TV03 Milton Keynes, The Open University.·Woodward, K and Hinchliffe, S. 2000, DD121, The natural and the social: unce ...

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How is gender identity influenced by social structures?

/01/2004Woodward, K. (2004) DD100Questioning Identity: gender, class, ethnicity. Milton Keynes, The Open University.The Open University (2004) DD100 An Introduction to the Social Sciences: Understandi ... ial Change, Goldblatt, D. Mackintosh, M. & Woodward, K. Block 1, Workbook 1, Milton Keynes, The Open University., Raid Qusti, Wednesday, 18, June, 2003, Women's Rights in S ...

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Analyse Madame Roland's letter regarding 'The Massacre at The Champ de Mars' during the French Revolution. State what further information you would need.

through editing. We are also indecisive whether she attended the signing all day and witnessed this openly or is she repeating what someone has told her? We also only have the one opinion. For a full ... Mars'.BIBLIOGRAPHYArthur Marwick (1997), History, Classicism and RevolutionUnits 8 and 9, Bath, The Open University.The Open University (1997), A103 Resource Book 2,Bath, The Open University .The Open ...

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An Analysis of Learning and Memory.

me time (on a large color monitor).One place you can see this new technology in action is England's Open University. When it was established in 1969, it was radical innovation in many ways. Specifical ... written printed texts. This concept of a 'University of the Air' was a major factor in bringing the Open University to the forefront of public attention, ensuring widespread publicity and the heavy en ...

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How do Rita, Frank and their relationship change in 'Educating Rita' - Willy Russell?

, does what she says she will.Russell uses stage directions to show Rita's energy, 'the door bursts open and Rita flies in.' The words 'flies' and 'burst' convey bubbly, lively movements and therefore ... owing his high class and good education. He asks 'pardon?' instead of 'what?' and explains that the Open University is 'supposed to embrace a more comprehensive studentship.'Frank is not dependant on ...

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Exploring social cognition and how aspects of perception and judgement might affect stereotyping of gender using a Vignette study.

category learning with meaningful attributes was continued by Murphy and colleagues. "Murphy and Allopenna, (1994), (cited in Miell, D, et al, 2002) showed the importance of background knowledge in ca ... ents used meaningful attributes that could all be linked together by a certain theme. Murphy and Allopenna were interested in how quickly their participants could learn that all the member of the cate ...

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Is chidhood the happiest time in a man's life?

ult does so they tend to ignore the differences and be happy at a way things work out. They have an open mind which make them learn new things and trains them to co-exist with their environment in har ...

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How does Rousseau argue that the exercise of force cannot provide a legitimate basis for social order? The areas of shared concern between Rousseau and David's Brutus.

f nature, the flaw in Rousseau's ideal world.BibliographyAssignment Book: October 2006, AZX103, The Open UniversityIllustration Book, AZX103, The Open UniversityResource Book 2, AZX103, The Open Unive ... e Book 2, AZX103, The Open University, 2005Block 3, History, Classicism and Revolution, AZX103, The Open University, 2005CDA553 CD4A, AZX103, The Open

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Explain what is meant by the term 'social construction' and consider how it has been used to further our understanding of the concept of identity.

onship between the social and personal identities which are constantly contradicting and competing, opening up opportunities for diversity, people have multiple identities which can and do change thro ... an, S and Thompson, A. (2002) Workbook, DSE212 Exploring Psychology, Milton Keynes, Routledege, The Open University.Phoenix, A (2002) "Identities and diversities", in Miell, D., Phoenix, A. and Thomas ...

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Describe the biological explanation of crime. Identify key aspects of crime that are hard to identify in this way.

hapter. Tales of Fear and Fascination: The Crime Problem in the Contemporary UK, Milton Keynes, The Open University.The Open University (2000) DD100 An Introduction to the Social Sciences: Understandi ... Sciences: Understanding Social Change, Introductory Block Introductory Workbook, Milton Keynes, The Open University.

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Educating Rita

change her plain life. Since she worked as a hairdresser during the day, she had to study with the Open University syllabus. She attended classses at night and her tutor was Frank.At first, he though ...

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Educating Rita-Characters

six-year-old hairdresser who has taken the decisive step of enrolling on a literature course at the Open University. It has been a difficult decision as it means that she has to break away from the re ...

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Educating Rita

ng Rita is about a 26-year-old woman (Rita S. White) who decided to take a literature course at the Open University, and her tutor (Frank Bryant), the second of the two actors of the play, who is in h ... actors of the play, who is in his early 50s and allowed himself to "be talked into" teaching as an Open University tutor "" he also needs the money. At first, Frank doesn't want to teach her at all b ...

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How 'moral panic' increases our fear of crime

ic, a term explored by Stanley Cohen, is not a new concept; it can be dated back as far as 1730(The Open University, 2000). Moral panics occur when a 'condition, episode, person or group' (The Open Un ... ia coverage of events in 1964 and the reported clashes between the mods and rockers at Clacton (The Open University, 2000).The television coverage encouraged differences between the two groups creatin ...

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A Look at Georg Friedrich Kersting's Man Reading

#145;An Introduction to the Humanities: Form and Reading: Block One’ (2005) Milton Keynes, The Open University.‘An Introduction to the Humanities: Resource Book 1’ (2005) Milton Keynes, ...

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February Afternoon by Edward Thomas

liography'An Introduction to the Humanities: Form and Reading: Block One' (2005) Milton Keynes, The Open University.'An Introduction to the Humanities: Resource Book 1' (2005) Milton Keynes, The Open ...

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How does the author of the following extracts use language to convey changes and contrasts in mood and meaning?

ST: Chambers, E. and Northedge, A. (2002) The Arts Good Study Guide, 4th Edition Milton Keynes, The Open University.Lear, L. (1997) Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature, USA, Holt.

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Analyse "For No One" by the Beatles in detail.

se of hope.Bibliography:Block 1, Unit 3, Listening to Music, An Introduction to the Humanities, The Open University, 2005.Word Count: 351

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Critically Discuss The Relevance Of The Holistic Model To Diversity Within Mental Health Services.

sychological, Social (such as culture), Emotional and Spiritual (personal meaning) factors (p23 The Open University) that can effect how a person thinks, behaves and feels. Holism focuses on how many ... llness and different people may perceive an individual's problem in various ways (p69 module 2, The Open university 2004). The holistic approach makes it possible to understand why a person may be aff ...

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Support Worker

ring block 2 I considered the impact external funding has on a child's environment (Activity 2.3). (Open University 2006) I kept this in mind as I carried out my research. As I conducted my child led ... rance of the building and asked the child to show me how the day started, similar to Activity 2:12 (Open University 2006) which explored the beginning of the day. The child directed me towards an area ...

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