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d to move something, they had to carry it. Heavy loads were dragged on slegdes, and animals, usally oxen, were used to help. If the load was very heavy it was placed on rollers made from tree trunks. ...

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This essay is about how to stay and in dhape and what to eat.

rk is done in the most primitive way. Even the soil is spaded by hand. Of course, the Lamas can use oxen and plows if they wished, but they prefer direct contact with the soil. They feel that handling ...

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Ancient Chinese Food

od and stone tools. In the fifth century BC, iron plows were developed. On the Northern grasslands, oxen pulled plows. But in the marshy South, water bison pulled the plows.Regardless of these beasts ...

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A journal written as if you were a farmer in Medieval Times

service except for some protection which the knights give me. I've been dragging around the oxen, plowing my field, for almost seven hours and I have gotten no rest and neither have the oxen. ...

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A Third Journal written as if you were a serf or farmer back in Medieval Times

May 5 1342Summer is finally here and I don't have to drag my oxen around plowing my field in -10 degrees like I did during the winter in my ragged clothes! The w ...

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Agricultural Tools

avic tribes. This complicated device was made out of metal and wood. The design allowed six or more oxen to pull the plough which was used to break up ground, or heavy, clay burdened soils.The second ...

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Addiction to entertainment.

ea of work. Imagine a pot of boiling water, ample in size; contents being the skinned remains of an oxen's tail. It cooks for a while, creating a by-product floating in the water, not as serenely as c ...

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Types of Pirates: Buccaneer, Corsair, and Privateer.

f runaways, fugitives, and seamen who deserted their crew. These pirates often hunted wild boar and oxen on the islands of Haiti, Hispaniola, and Dominican Republic. They smoked their hunt on a barbeq ...

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"Those who try to play with the big boys will find how small they truly are" - A personal narrative with a "moral".

ready begun."Over here!" I heard one of them yell."Gotch ya'!" Yelled another, and then, "Olly-olly oxen free!"I could hear all of their laughs and shouts all around me, but I hadn't been able to find ...

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use they grew very fast and were easy to farm. The pioneers had help from the animals such as yoke, oxen's, and cows to plow the earth so the land would be fertile. These animals were important to the ...

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Describe an important idea in two short texts and explain why each idea is important to teenagers. ("Work and Play" and "The Warm and the Cold" by Ted Hughes)

em Hughes compares farmers to a roasting beast. “The sweating farmers turn in their sleep like oxen on spits.” This shows how restless and concerned the farmer is with human worries, so much ...

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Oregon Trail

gnats. Those pestering insects almost killed my son, Chat.There was no food for the livestock. Dead oxen lay all over the place. One of our oxen actually died, probably due to the drinking of mineral ...

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Ancient Greece

into the forest where a skilled woman was waiting. These women were said to have been equal to four oxen. In the modern US, we don't have funeral games. We have processions after a funeral wher ...

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The California Gold Rush was a very significant event that

the world were ?rushing? to California. They came to California in covered wagons usually pulled by oxen or mules. They had to travel thousands of miles across rugged terrain to get to California. The ...

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A Synopsis of Oddyseus' Trip

orld. There they had to talk to Teirias. They did and he told them that they had to go to where the oxen of the sun lived. But while there they could not touch the oxen. But Odysseus's men did not hee ... there they could not touch the oxen. But Odysseus's men did not heed the warning and destroyed the oxen while Odysseus was away. Because the oxen belonged to the sun god, he punished them. When they ...

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Why did Job suffer?

reatest of all the people of the East" (Job 1:3). He owned thousands of sheep, camels, donkeys, and oxen. He also had many servants (Job 1:3). Third, Job was a very good man. The Bible says that he wa ...

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!337 $P34|< – L33T SP34K – Leet Speak in the World of Warcraft

lliance (draenei - blue demons, night elves, humans, dwarves and gnomes) or Horde (tauren - upright oxen, orcs, undead, blood elves and trolls). Clearly, the alliance are generally the natural human-e ...

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The Song Dynasty

se cultivators adopted improved cultural techniques to increase their productivity. They controlled oxen and water buffalos to help prepare land for cultivation. In addition, they made use of heavy pl ...

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the supernatural. Well-known carver Tomotada of Kyoto became famous for his depictions of recumbent oxen.After researching these incredibly ornate sculptures, I can honestly say I find them impress ...

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Were Influenced Throughout Time and Challenged.

t necks. Then as these fragmentary structures there were horned heads on human bodies and bodies of oxen without human heads. However these structures disappeared and they only lasted when they adapte ...

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